Zayn's Sister

This story is about a 17 year old girl called Courtney Malik, sister of Zayn Malik. What happens when Zayn asks her to move in with him and the lads?


2. One.

I was sitting in my room on my IPhone 5S scrolling through my Twitter feed. My phone started ringing, I checked the caller I.D and it was Zayn. He's not called me in ages! I quickly answered it.(Phone call Z=Zayn C=Courtney)

C= Hey Zayn!

Z= Hey Court! How Are You?

C= I'm Great! Just Missing You

Z= I'm Missing You Too! Anyway I Have Something To Ask You

C= Okay Sure What Is It?

Z= Would You Like To Come Live With Me And The Boys? That Includes Coming On Tour With Us?

C= Really? Have You Asked Mum?

Z= Yeah She Said You Should Go!

C= Okay When Will I Start Packing?

Z= Now! I'm Picking You Up From School Tomorrow Then We Will Get Your Stuff

C= Okay Bye Love You

Z= Love You Too

I hung up the phone and ran down the stair to my living room to tell my mum again.

"Mum, guess what!" I shouted while running to the kitchen.

"What?" My mum asked.

"I'm going to live with Zayn!"

"Okay, go start packing"

I smiled and ran back upstairs to my room. I grabbed my pink suitcase and walked over to my wardrobe to get my clothes out of there. I folded them up then placed them into my suitcase. I went over to my drawers and got the rest of my clothes out of there.  I got my galaxy print backpack and put my curlers, straighteners and my crimpers in there along with my toiletries.



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