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I can't thank movellas enough for the opportunities and inspiration I've had since joining the site! In 2014 I managed to win a place in an amazing writing Masterclass (and private interview) with the bestselling author of the 'Uglies' series- Scott Westerfeld- when he came to London on a 2-day tour... a massive, massive thank you to movellas for that truly inspirational experience <3

We asked him as many of your questions as we could, so now I'm excited to reveal all the advice we managed to squeeze from what was genuinely one of the most exciting days of my life.

This magazine also contains a bunch of other things to do with writing, reading and movellas. Ever wanted access to all of Movellas an secrets, top tips and guidance in one place? I hope this helps :D

*I'd also like to give a big thanks to my wonderfully supportive and friendly movellians that have helped with this: HeartTaunter, Raven711, Writer_Girl, Jade.P and so many more! :)


22. Diversity In Novels

Augustus:Emperor of Rome: When writing ‘Afterwolds’, what made you choose to go for the viewpoint of an Indian American? What was the inspiration behind that?

Scott's answer: Right so, I had the idea for the attack in the airport. I knew it was gonna be about a near death experience that would turn them into an Soulguide. Once I had that idea I started looking through various legends of Hindu mythology and I ran across Yama, who had such an interesting story. One of the Vedas describes his tale as being a mortal person dying who goes to the Afterworld. It's such an interesting way to look at the Afterworld -as an kind off superhero origins story. It just spoke to me as an really cool story. And so I thought, well if my character had Hindu parents, maybe she wasn't super connected towards the religion.


So she was more moderate, not into the religion as such?

She's an Ethnic Hindu rather than a practising Hindu. She reminds me of most of the people I know in the Indian American Community. I'm not so sure about Britain or other countries but you get something similar in that aspect. What I liked about it in terms of writing that character from that world, is that in the Vedas there's so many stories. And somebody said something really interesting about this to me is that its not like House Cleaning. Like a lot of religions you know they go through a part where they go, okay this is the real stuff, this is candid and that's what's happening. Whereas in Hinduism it keeps everything going.


There are billions of stories in the Vedas.

Yeah exactly, so its kind of perfect to write a novelist character who comes from this world of story and where the stories are pushing and contesting with each other.

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