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I can't thank movellas enough for the opportunities and inspiration I've had since joining the site! In 2014 I managed to win a place in an amazing writing Masterclass (and private interview) with the bestselling author of the 'Uglies' series- Scott Westerfeld- when he came to London on a 2-day tour... a massive, massive thank you to movellas for that truly inspirational experience <3

We asked him as many of your questions as we could, so now I'm excited to reveal all the advice we managed to squeeze from what was genuinely one of the most exciting days of my life.

This magazine also contains a bunch of other things to do with writing, reading and movellas. Ever wanted access to all of Movellas an secrets, top tips and guidance in one place? I hope this helps :D

*I'd also like to give a big thanks to my wonderfully supportive and friendly movellians that have helped with this: HeartTaunter, Raven711, Writer_Girl, Jade.P and so many more! :)


3. Co-Authors

A/N Hey guys I'm the new Co-author Littlewhitelies13! Just want to say thanks to Uniqua Niques for letting me coauthor!


    Okay, many people don't know how to add co-Authors. Especially if you're new to Movellas. 

 The first thing you have to do is already have your story created. Then the person going to be your co-Author must be a fan of yours. Once they're a fan, you go to your story and on the right side of your book there is a column and it will say the title of your story and have Story info, Cover, Chapters and then Co-Authors. You click the Co-Author one and it will bring you to a screen like this:







 Click invite co-Author and you can scroll down to find theit username. If they are your only fan then it will be the first one, if not, it's usually in alphabetical order. Then after you send it, it will say pending and then their username. Then once they accept it you will get a notification that they have accepted it and then they are your co-Author.



 To delete co-Authors, they can either delete themselves or you to Co-Authors and under there picture and user name is will say Remove Author and all you do is press it and then there not your co-Author anymore.


  To accept your friend's request there are two notification boxes at the top of your screen. The left one is to notify you of any co-Author requests so you just press it and it will take you to a new screen and it will have all of the requests for being someone's co-Authors on there. The one you have gotten will be at the top of the list.


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