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I can't thank movellas enough for the opportunities and inspiration I've had since joining the site! In 2014 I managed to win a place in an amazing writing Masterclass (and private interview) with the bestselling author of the 'Uglies' series- Scott Westerfeld- when he came to London on a 2-day tour... a massive, massive thank you to movellas for that truly inspirational experience <3

We asked him as many of your questions as we could, so now I'm excited to reveal all the advice we managed to squeeze from what was genuinely one of the most exciting days of my life.

This magazine also contains a bunch of other things to do with writing, reading and movellas. Ever wanted access to all of Movellas an secrets, top tips and guidance in one place? I hope this helps :D

*I'd also like to give a big thanks to my wonderfully supportive and friendly movellians that have helped with this: HeartTaunter, Raven711, Writer_Girl, Jade.P and so many more! :)


15. Being an author: Best and Worst Aspects

Augustus:Emperor of Rome: What are the best and worst parts of being a full time author?

Scott's answer: The best parts are definitely that when someone comes up to you and says that your book changed their life. This kid did that in a school I was in at Nawaki a couple of days ago and he basically said in middle school that he used to hate himself and then when he read 'Uglies' and then realized that he was just not accepting himself. That is probability the best part. I don't know...it's childish to talk about the bad parts.


I mean like for example, getting rejected by a publisher.

I've had plenty of rejections. Rejections are not a big problem for me. I've had success so it's ok, but the huge problem for me is when someone reads your book but have completely missed the point of what you were writing. The most annoying thing for me is a review of 'Afterworlds' that says it's totally unrealistic that she gets a publishing deal in a few weeks, when it doesn't, it takes seven months. I'm like just read it! Read what's actually there and not what is that you're expecting to read.


It takes a long time to get published, and it takes a lot of hard work.

Yup. So that's where I kind of get frustrated by is that people don't read the book and read some other fantasy novel in their mind.

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