Cause he said so.

"Just feel nothing anymore." I say looking into nothing.
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be I trusted you and I thought you would be here for a while. I guess I was wrong."


4. Let go for a ride.

Jessica's p.o.v

  "Harry?" I said. "Hey." "What are you doing here?" I said I was kinda annoyed that he was here and I looked like crap. "I wanna take a drive with you. Catch up." He said. "I look like crap and two weeks ago you told me you hated me." I said frowning. "Yeah....all of that was not true." He said looking down. "I will be ready in twenty minutes. Wait." I said he and he nodded and waited out side. "Tara!! I am gonna get ready I'm going out!" "Okay I will wait here!!" She yelled back then I ran up stairs I shut and locked my door. I looked through my closet and found some ripped shorts and a crop top that said love with flower print. I put on my white high tops and ran to my bathroom. I out on my makeup first foundation then blush the. Eye shadow the. I curled and applies mascara to my eyelashes.

     Done! I ran out grabbed my phone and headed for the door as I was going down the stairs I wasn't looking and I stumbled down the last four steps. I landed on my feet again. I just stood there for two minutes and walked out the door as I was about to shut the door I heard Tara yell "don't do anything I wouldn't do!" I just laughed and shut the door. I saw Harry sitting on the porch steps. "Hey." I say he looks up and says "that was way longer then twenty minutes." He says laughing. 

   "Sorry I couldn't find anything to wear." I say. "You would look good in anything." He says smiling. "Thanks!! Come on let's go for a ride!" I say booking it to the car. I look back and he is running after me. 

     He opens the door for me. "Why thank you!" I say. "Anything for you ma lady." He says and I laugh. As I hop in he jogs to his side and gets in. He pulls out of the drive way and he says. "So, where do you wanna go?" "anywhere." I say laughing. As we are driving he looks at me and starts to say"You know I have-" and then bam. Everything goes black.

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