My bestfriend from childhood

My bestfrirnd from childhood


2. you're a pervert

"Kale, Kale. Kale wake up, it's time to get ready to school" I said jumping around Kale's bed, trying to wake him up.

"Get up" I slapped his head.

"Oww" he yelled getting under his blanket "get out of my room"

I walked out of the room and got down stairs jumping in my pajama. I've lived with Kale for the last four years, since my dad and mum started traveling around the world for work. I used to live next door before moving in, me and Kale know each-other since forever. He's MY BEST FRIEND FROM CHILDHOOD.

"Good morning Mrs. Anderson" I said getting in the kitchen after I saw Kale's mum.

"Good morning Kimmy" She said.

"Kale won't wake up" I mumbled.

"The bucket is in the bathroom sink"

"Thanks" I said and walked up to the bathroom next to my room to find a red small bucket full of cold water.

I carried to bucket to his room and stood over his head "get up" I said.

"I don't want to" He said.

"Get up" I said again.

"No, go do your hair or something"

"You asked for it" I said and throw the bucked over his head.

He stood up yelling, he was only wearing his boxers short, like always. his face was all red and he and his brown hair was soaking wet. I looked at me with his hazel eye and then he half smiled "you're so gone get it"

"What will you do tickle me to death?" I smiled.

"Yeah, I will"

I took a step back to the door "you batter run" he said and I started running down steers and got behind Mrs. Anderson hiding.

"Help me" I whispered.

"Get over here" Kale said standing in front of his mum trying to catch me.

"Why do you think I will" I smiled.

He was about to catch me when I jumped over the table and run over to the living room and stood behind it while he stood on the other side of the couch "it was your moms idea" I said.

"You're so gone get it" he said jumping over the couch and polled me from my pajama before I could run and throw me on the couch sitting on my stomach and started ticketing so hard that I couldn't breathe.

"Stop, Stop it, Kale please stop it" I said trying to catch a breath.

"Oww, Kale you're hurting me" I lied.

He stopped and got up and polled me up "I'm so sorry, I didn't think your leg will hurt you and anymore, the Dr. Said it'll be fine as soon as they take it out of the cast" he apologized.

"Sucker" I said messing his hair and ran up steers.

"You little brat" I said chasing me.

I got on the bathroom and locked the door putting my back against it.

"open the door" he said knocking the door.

"I'm not decent" I lied.

"You're lying"

"I'm not gone come out"

"You will, you can't stay there forever"

I opened the water and took a shower.

After half an hour, I was steel in the bathroom brushing my teeth in my towel.

I heard the door get knocked "Kimmy" Kale called.

"What?" I said.

"I have to pee"

"Then use the toilet down steers"

"My mum is using it"

"Then wait"

"I can't hold it anymore" he whined.

"Then just wait a second, I'll get out in a second"

After a few second I stepped out of the bathroom and he was waiting there by the door, as soon as I stepped out he got in and slammed the door.

I got in my room, I got in to my cloths, I putted on my skinny jeans, red shirt and my strip white and black jacket and the dried my hair letting loose and turn in to curls.

"Kale, are you ready to go?" I called but he didn't answer.

I went to his room and opened the door "oh my god, I'm so sorry" I said and closed the door, oh my god I just saw..

"Kimmy" he cut my thought.

I opened the door and got in, he was wearing his black skinny jeans "I'm sorry I didn't knock" I said with my face red.

"Don't worry, you didn't see anything, I was already in my jeans" he said getting in his black shirt and then he sat on his bed wearing his socks "did you see my jacket?"

I opened his dresser, his dresser is always messy "remind me to help you clean your room later" I said picking up his jacket and throw it at him.

"It's gone get messy again anyway" he whined.

"Whatever, here" he said throwing his red hat at me and I putted it on.

I smiled and stood in front of the mirror fixing my hair that hung out of the hat; he pushed me a side and stood in front of the mirror putting his hat and jacket on.

"I swear that you're the only guy I know that spend most of his time in front of the mirror" I sailed as i walked down steers.

Me and Kale are like the same person, are style is always swag, we're always together, we always think the same thing like we're reading each-other minds, we been living like this since kinder garden, we go to school together, eat together, walk home together, study together hung out together all the time.

Kale is like the most hottest guy in school, that what girl say in school but I think he's okay, everyone like him in school, I mean what's not to like, he's smart, hot, funny, nice and honest guy who knows how to make everyone laugh and knows how to make a girl feel special. All girls fall for him by only looking in his hazel eyes and perfect smile. I'm the only girl who's not in love with him in the whole school.

I sat down on the last step of the stairs and put my black lee cooper on, I picked up Kale's red lee cooper and put it on front of him and then picked up by bag and his, when he got up he took up his and we started walking to school, side by side.

"How come you're the only girl in school that's not in love with me?" He asked and started walking backward looking at me with a smirk.

"maybe cause I live with you, and cause I'm know since I was a day old and it will be wired if I did" I laughed a little "I know like every single thing about you, your hobbies, habits, your everyday rotten and I even know your body problem" I smiled as I whispered the last part.

He started blushing and I laughed at him.

"Okay, name me one thing that no one knows" he said with a smirk.

"You like to play you're guitar every night before you sleep"

"That doesn't count; tell me something other than that"

"Okay, pizza" I signed "when we go eat pizza, you hate to order garlic bread, 'cause you're afraid that your breath will stink after it so you order it take away and eat at home"

"Every one knows that" he half smiled.

"Then, you wash your teeth like 5 time a day, you always spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror everyday just to fix your hair, before you leave your room everyday you always chick your look one more time to make sure you look okay, cause you always like to look good so you can have everyone's attention, dart is the only game you play it with your left hand, and one of the things that you, your mother and I only know is the fact that you boxers size is medium"

"How did you...." he said but I cut him of.

"Who do you think picks you boxers after you throw them on the bathroom floor" I laughed at him.

"Look who's talking C size" I laughed.

"Wait, how did you know? Were you looking throw my stuff?"

"Yah once"

"You ass, what else did you see?"

"Your pink panties, were you planning on doing it?"

"You ass"

"When are you going to, do you mind if you did a privet show for me first?"

I started blushing and looked the other way "would you please stop it" i said.

"Wait" he said stopping me "are you a virgin?"

My face got red more then I was "shut it" I yelled at him.

"oh my god, you are, that's so awesome" he lend down to my ear "will you let me be the one who takes that away?" he teased me again.

I pushed him back "I rather do it with someone who don't wear medium" I teased him back.

"What makes you think you can handle it anyway?"

"'Cause I know I can" I teased him and pushed him back playfully.

"Hi Kale" a girl said jumping on his back hugging him.

The epic type of girls that hangs around him, the kind that wear short skirt or mini shorts just to make a guy like Kale look at him. He knows that I hate them to be around him when I'm with him.

"Hi" he said taking her hand off and smiled as I looked the other way.

"Do you want to hung out today?, we can go to the mall or a party"

"Mmmmmm, will I'm spouse to hang out with Kim today" he said looking over to me.

"Its okay' don't worry about me, I have things to do" I said smiling.

"Okay, then we can go after school"

"Okay, I'll wait for you by the gate after school" she winked and then walked away.

I looked over to Kale and he had a smirk on his face as that girl walked away.

"You're such a pervert" I said walking away.

"Am not" he said catching up to me "are you sure I should go? I mean I can stay if you want me to"

"Don't worry I have a lot of thing to do tomorrow"

"Like what?"

"Will, it's kind of privet thing, a girl thing"

"Oh" he said.

He smiled at me and I smiled back, of cores I bothered me that he's going out with some girl when we're spouses to be hanging out tonight.

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