My bestfriend from childhood

My bestfrirnd from childhood


1. my bestfriend from childhood



"C’mon get up you chicken" the little blonde boy yelled at me.

I was on the floor after this boy hit me and polled my hair messing it up and made my nose bleed. I was so scared I started crying covering my face while the other kids in the kindergarten cheered him to hit me again.

The small kid came my way and was about to hit me I closed my eyes waiting for it to happen but it never did. I opened my eyes to see that Kale took the punch. Kale my best friend, my neighbor and my class mate. He pushed the boy.

"She’s not a chicken" he said helped me up.

He always stood up for me no matter what. Even when we were six.

He took me to the school nurse. She cleaned me up and made me lay down on the bed, and Kale stood next to me.

"next time someone bullies you tell me so I can hit him" Kale said with his cute pissed off face. He looked very funny for a 6 year old who pissed off.

"I'm sorry" I said feeling guilty.

"Promise me that you'll tell me and never lie to me"

"I promise"


BY THE AGE OF 14....

"you're such a guy Kim, are you sure you're a chick?" a guy made fun of me as after he putted his foot in my way on purpose making me fall on my knees in front of the howl school in the hall way.

"c'mon get up if you act like a guy you should get bullied like a guy too" he said looking down at me.

I stood up and picked my stuff up ignoring the pain in my leg felling the blood running down my knees. I lend down and whipped it away with a small piece of cloth that was in my back pocket.

I stood up and started walking away. The guy came my way and the hit me with his shoulder making me fall again on my knees. The cut in my knees started bleeding more.

"Oh my bad" he said with a smirk "c'mon Kim, don't you have the balls to fight back"

I smirked getting up "at least I have one unlike you"

The smirk on his face despaired as he took a step closer and boy was he mad. Me and that guy were about to get face to face when someone yanked me from my arm.

My back slammed the locker, i slide against the lockers then looked up and saw Kale holding that guy from the collar of his shirt looking pissed off "if you ever touch her again I'm gone fucking kill you, you or any other guy in this school, got that?" Kale yelled at him.

"Chill bro, I'm just trying to have fun that's all" the jerk said "why do you care so much about that chick anyway"

"that chick is my best friend and if you try to touch her or hurt her again I'm gone kill you, like I'm really gone kill you, now get out of off my face and don't come close to her ever again or this sun light is the last one you gone see" he said and shoved him back.

That guy walked away and Kale turned around and polled me up by my arm "are you okay Kimmy?" he asked softly looking at me with worried eyes.

"You’re being over protective Kale, I was fine" I said.

"You’re kidding right?"


"I should be pissed at you"

"Pissed at me?"

"You promised me you would tell me if someone ever bullied you"

"When did I ever promise that?"

"When we were 6 remember"

"That was a long while ago Kale"

"I don't care, just promise me that you'll tell me if anyone hurts you or pick on you, and no more lies please"



"I promise"

"Yah, forever okay"

"Okay, I promise that I'll never break that promise"

"Good let's take you home so my mum can clean your cut"

He turned around and mentioned to me to hope on his back so he would carry me home.

That's my best friend...


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