My bestfriend from childhood

My bestfrirnd from childhood


3. I've never lied to you

When Kale and I walked into the school hall everyone looked at us in look full on hate like they do every day. The guys walk by him and talk and give him high fives. The girls walk by him and say hi and flirt. Then they give me a dirty look and walk passes me.

If you haven't notice yet Kale is my only friend since girl in school hate me because I'm always around Kale which makes them jealous and because I'm not that girly type. Even Kale knows that about me.

And the guys don't really talk to me because they're all afraid that if they hurt me they'll get Kale pissed off. See one time I was walking down the hall way and this jerk putted him foot in my way so I fell and scratched my knee and when I went back to class Kale asked me what happened, I told him what happened. The next day that guy came to me and apologized. He was pretty scared. I still wander what Kale did to make him look like that.

Any way I was walking when this bitch bumped her shoulder in to mine making me drop my books. I turned to look at her, she had a smirk on her face, it wasn't an accident she meant it but I didn't care.

"You okay?" Kale asked, worried.

"Yah, I'm fine" I got on my knees and gathered my books and stood up.

It was too early for class so Kale and I went to the cafeteria to have Breakfast since we didn't. We stood in the line and waited when we finely got there, I put an apple, apple juice, a sandwich and an orange, while Kale bought soda.

We sat down on the table and started eating. I cut the sandwich in two half so Kale would take the other one. I help it out for him with the orange too. He smiled taking it. "You know me like back of your hand" he took it.

"Hey Kale, what's up bro" one of Kale's friend popped up and slapped his back playfully.

"I've been good, you?" Kale smiled again.

"Never been batter, I'm throwing a party at my house after two weeks, you're coming?"

"Will..., I don't know, when exactly?"

"Next Friday"

Kale looked at me, Friday? I've been waiting for like a month now, we’re supposed to go to the cinema that day, J.I Joe is finely going to be out and he knows that I wanted so bad to go to watch the move. J.I Joe is like my whole life.

"I have a....." I cut Kale off.

"He’ll make it" I can't hold him down from doing anything with his friends.

"Cool, you're coming too Kim" the tall guy with the blonde curls asked.

"No, I don't know, I'm not much of a party lover"

"Then see you later dude" he walked away.

Kale looked at me confused "we're spouse to go to the movies that night, you've been waiting for like two months for this movie" he said.

"I can't tie you down for the rest of your life, you can't just cancel and not show up at your friends parties you know" I said.

"You never did tie me down; I just don't like doing anything without you"

"But you're still going"

"What about you?"

"I have things I should take care off"


"Yah, things, I have a life you know"

"Yah, I know"


I was sitting on the floor against the sofa where Kale was laying down. We were watching a movie. Like every other Thursday. It was about 10:30. A few more minutes and the movie will be over soon.

"Kimmy" Kale called.

"Yah" I looked up to him.

"You sure it okay with you if I went out tomorrow?"

"Yah, it’s okay don't worry about me"

There was a long moment of silent tell "Kale, Kim, it's time for you to go to bed you have school tomorrow" Kale mum called.

"Okay" kale and I called in the same time.

I stood up and helped Kale up then walked up to our room I was about to step into my room when Kale grabbed my arm stopping "hey do you mind if I stayed with you tonight?" he asked.

I nodded and walked in with him behind me, I was already in my PJs so I just got under the cover giving him my back as he started taking his trousers off and his shirt like always.

He stood in front in his boxer short "scoop over" he said.

I moved back a little since my bed was single size, he got under the cover and putted his arm around me while I was still giving him my back. He raped his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him tell my back was against his bare chest.

It's was an okay thing for us to sleep like this. I mean it's not normal for best friend to sleep like that but it was okay, we been sleeping like this since forever.

"Turn around for me" he whispered.

He loosed his arm waiting for me to turn around, I turned around I was facing his chess. A smile appeared on his lips "that's batter" he pulled me closer and kissed my forehead "goodnight"

"Good night" I said as I closed my eyes and putted my arms around his sides and polled myself closer to him.

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