Cecelia lives in an orphanage.everyone there hates her except Ms.Tori,the owner of the orphanage.what happens when Cecelia gets adopted by Aston Irwin from 5 seconds of summer?will there be romance with the other boys?will there be hate from fans?read to find out!


4. why?

 Cecelia's pov 

Why would she stand up for me?why was she in my room?I need some answers!i walk downstairs to grab something to eat when i here yelling coming from Brittney's room.I walk closer to the door to see what the people in her room are saying.i hear chad's voice yelling something like,"why the fuck would you stand up for that slut?"so Brittney did stand up for me and i wasn't!I heard a slapping noise,a thud,and a sob.Then i heard Chad say "shut up!Stop crying!"the next thing i know i hear footsteps coming towards the door so i run down the stairs really fast hoping whoever came out of the door didn't see me.After i was in the kitchen making a sandwich,Brittney came downstairs and walked to the fridge and grabbed a water."I know you heard"she said suddenly.I tried to ignore her but i just couldn't."Why did you stand up for me?"I asked."can we go in your room and talk because i don't want anyone to hear us." "I don't know are you going to hurt me?"i ask."I promise that i wont hurt you!"she said. "Alright come on."I said as i grabbed my sandwich and headed upstairs with Brittney following me.

Brittney's pov 

we started walking to her room.This is it.I'm going to tell her that i was just jealous of her and that i want to be her friend.when we got to her room we sat on her bed."what did you want to talk about?"Cecelia said.well here goes nothing."you know how i'm always mean to you,well i want that to change.I was just a little jealous bitch.Im really sorry!I was hoping we could friends. will you please forgive me?"I said.I hope she can forgive me!but before she can respond to my question the door opens and Ms.Tori walks in and tells Cecelia to pack her bags because she is getting adopted.


Cecelia's pov 

i didnt know what to say to brittney but before i could say anything Ms.Tori bursts in and tells me that im getting adopted.I wonder who is adopting me.I hope they're nice.I hope they're not like my dad.

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