Cecelia lives in an orphanage.everyone there hates her except Ms.Tori,the owner of the orphanage.what happens when Cecelia gets adopted by Aston Irwin from 5 seconds of summer?will there be romance with the other boys?will there be hate from fans?read to find out!


11. home

When Ash finally came to pick me up I was so happy to see him. I ran over and jumped in his arms. I was so happy that I finally had a place to call home. home. I never want to be anywhere else.


"You ready?" he asked. "Yep" I said .We walked out to the car and drove home.


When we got there I walked in and I was talked with hugs. I love these boys so much. They are so nice and caring. After they got off of me I grabbed an apple from the kitchen and walked to my room. To my surprise Mikey was sitting on the edge of my bed eating pizza.


"Do you wanna talk about it?" he said when he saw me.I started walking over to him trying not to cry. I sat down next to him and he just hugged me. "who did it?" he said. "m-my dad a-and Ms.T-Tori."I said while sobbing."Ms.Tori?the one from the orphanage?" he said confused. "Yes"


I told Mikey everything. Soon enough I was falling asleep on his chest with him singing to me. I love this family and no one can ever take my love away. 

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