Cecelia lives in an orphanage.everyone there hates her except Ms.Tori,the owner of the orphanage.what happens when Cecelia gets adopted by Aston Irwin from 5 seconds of summer?will there be romance with the other boys?will there be hate from fans?read to find out!


1. about me

Cecelias pov

Hi,my name is Cecelia Shy Davis,but you can call me Ce-Ce. I'm 15,I have long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I love one Direction and i just recently found out about 5 seconds of summer. I live in an orphanage in Sydney,Austrailia. Almost everyone in the orphanage hates me.The only person here that likes me is Ms.Tori.She owns the orphanage. She treats me like her daughter. I'm getting hungry. I'll ask Ms.Tori if i can go to Mcdonalds.


I walk downstairs and go into Ms.Tori's office. "Ms.Tori can i go to Mcdonalds?" I ask.She looks up at me,"of course you can sweetie!" she says in a sweet voice,as usual. "ok i'll be backin 20!"I ran upstairs to grab my money and walk out the front door.


When i got there i ordered my food and sat down at an empty booth.I guess you're wondering how i ended up in an orphanage.Well when i was 9 my mum died in a car crash. After she died my dad abused my brother and I.One time my brother came home from school late and my dad was pissed. My brother was beat so bad that he passed out. Sarah our neighbor heard me crying and came in. She saw my dad passed out on the couch because of so much beer. "What happened?" Sarah asked. I knew my father would hurt me more if someone found out that he abuses us. So I had to lie. "I don't know. I came downstairs and he was laying on the ground bruised up!"I said.I hate lying!! "Why do you have bruises too?" Sarah asked. I had to tell her! She could help me! "My father abuses us!" I blurted out. oops. "We have to get both of you to the hospital!" Sarah said."ok"


My thoughts are interupted by my phone.Ms.Tori was texting me

(M=Me MT=Ms.Tori)

Ms.T:Where are you sweetie?!"

M:still at mcdonalds sorry i was daydreaming.

MT:it's ok just come home

M:on my way.


I finished my food then started walking home. When i got back to the orphanage i walked into Ms.Tori's office and told her i was home then walked up to my room. While i was about to walk into my room i was stopped by the orphanage's slut,Brittney and her two barbies that she calls friends. "I see the fat cow went to her favorite place in the world!"she said looking at my drink from mcdonalds."at least im not a slut"I said under my breath but she heard me."What did you just call me?"she said,eyes wide. "i said at least im not a slut." i said a little louder. she slaped me and pulled my hair. "don't say it again,bitch." and then she walked away. I went in my room put my pj's on,curled up in a ball on my bed and cried myself to sleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A/N do you like my fiirst chapter little pengiuns?!if you do tell me how much you like it!!if you don't die bitch!no i'm just kidding don't die ya little penguin!!

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