Cecelia lives in an orphanage.everyone there hates her except Ms.Tori,the owner of the orphanage.what happens when Cecelia gets adopted by Aston Irwin from 5 seconds of summer?will there be romance with the other boys?will there be hate from fans?read to find out!


5. 2 good things at once

Ce-ce's pov                                                                                                                                                             "you're getting adopted Ce-ce!!!!"Ms.Tori said."really!!!!!???"i said while jumping up from my bed."yup!"Ms.Tori said while noticing Brittney on my bed."um...Brittney why are you in here?"she asked."i was about to tell Cecelia something really important,"said Brittney,"but since im in here i can help you pack Cecelia."she said awkwardly."umm...sure i would love your help but i think you need to tell me something first"i said."Ms.Tori could you give us some privacy?"asked Brittney."sure"said Ms.Tolri while leaving and closing the door."alright Ce-ce i was always mean to you because im jealous of you..."Brittney said."what?"i asked."you're not fat,you're not ugly,you're not a bitch and you're not a're not any thing i called you."she said.I didn't even say anything i just hugged her and she hugged back."im sorry for everything"said Brittney."i......                                                                                                                                                                                       -to be continued-

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