Stuck In The Past While The Evil Is Near

A fanfic story

The Winchester meet my oc (Kalel) first time!


1. The Intro Starter...

A big sound came behind the kitchen door, sounds like someone fell from the ground. A young asian girl came hurry out from the door, she's running from something?. she ran into the livingroom and then put salt at the door way and wall and then she ran to the desk, where she put some strange thing. she put some stuff in the jar and some strange dark red water in. she was hurry to put something, who can't see in the spot.

"Come on, Come on" the asian girl said and then took her little knife.

she took the knife very closed to her and then she said something latin and nearly cut her finger, but something behind her grab her. the young asian girl reached to cut the skin and few drops of blood come down on the necklace.

She fell on the ground and she's moan of pain and keep saying "no pls no" the thing pulled her into the dark room while she screamed.

[[And the Supernatural logo came]]

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