Stuck In The Past While The Evil Is Near

A fanfic story

The Winchester meet my oc (Kalel) first time!


3. Need more information..

Ambulance came front of Alyssa and Ted's House. Sam and Dean wasn't there of course. Bc for hiding from the police. But they was there looking strange.

"Do you think it's was her friend, who did it to her?" Sam said and looked at Dean. Who was still looked at the ambulance.

Dean blinked for a moment. Like he was thinking of something? Nod then he came back with a blink again. He look at Sam, who waited for his replied.

"What?" Dean replied.

"Didn't you hear me?" Sam said and have a strange look.

"Sorry. I was away there. What was it?" Dean replied.

"Well. As I said. Did you think that is Alyssa friend spirit and she wanted her to see her a lot that she made her to suicided?" Sam said and look a bit confused at the question.

"No I don't think so" Dean said and begin to walk.

"W-what!?" Sam said and looked confused. And then he ran over to Dean.

"What do you mean?" Sam said with a confused look.

"I don't think, that she would do that. I think it's Alyssa, who missed her a lot and then she chose to kill herself. While the ghost it's still around here!" Dean explain.

"But it's still don't giving any sense" Sam had weird look at his face.

"Because-" Dean stops Sam to finish his word.

"Kalel who had been together with Alyssa like best friends and they promised not to go away from each other and Kalel weirds decorations at the desk, yes I do get it, it's weird" Dean said

"Maybe will it be some more sense if we check theirs past, so I do think that we have to check up theirs school" Dean said hurry.

"Woah I didn't know that you would think that hurry, clever" Sam said with grin

Dean grinned smirk "sometimes I do think I'm a Einstein"

Sam and Dean grinned together.

They came to Alyssa's old school, who looked actually the same as before.

"Nothing change that much, as of course it's a school. A school have to look bored" Dean said while he walked straight to the school.

Sam grinned "School dosen't have to look hipster in your world"

They came inside and walk to the principal room and asked for Alyssa and Kalel's past.

"Kalel and Alyssa was unbreakable! Nobody could broke theirs friendship!" The principal said with a grin.

"Well was them at something weird about them? Like weird experiences or secret?" Sam said and questions.

"Are you guys sure about you are family with Alyssa?" The principal said.

"Yeah we do have the handsome look like Alyssa had" Dean smirked and Sam pushed him.

"Girls do had a lot of secret. Well it did seems like that Kalel had a lot of secret- and dies you know that her parents left her since she was kid and Alyssa family had to take care of her" the principal said and skipped to Kalel past.

"Of course we do, we are family we had to know and share things, but some things does they not share" Dean said and try to sound like they knew even that they didn't know it about it.

"Well She's begin to be a bit strange since the first kill was begin and more weird when the another kill begin. Kalel likes mystery a lot. But it's does just seems more weirds. She's begin to read phantoms books" The principal said and look strange.

"Me ell you said that she's had a lot of secret but what?" Sam said questions.

"No answer at this documents here" the principal said and showed them the docomenys files about Kalel.

"But everyone at this school was a bit scared at her since she's begin to read phantom books. I know she's death now. But sounds like she's was thinking about supernatural who did it. But that's impossible, right?" The principal said grinned.

"yeah supernatural stuff dosen't exits" Deam said smiling.


They came outside from the school and walk and sat inside Dean's car and drive away.

"Sounds like Kalel already figure it out, it's was a ghost" Dean said and look straight at the road.

"Yeah bit at the first sight?" Sam said with a strange look.

"Sam it's like first love sight, so yeah it's was a kill sight" Dean saidwho still look straight at the road.

"So you think that Kalel decorations was about take the ghost to peace but she's didn't made it?" Sam said questions.

"Seem that way" Dean said.

"So she's was trying the witch work right?" Dean said smiling

"She's much think it's much be such of shit things to buy" Dean grinned.

"Well back to Alyssa house?" Sam said and looked at Dean.

Dean look straight a bit a look at Sam and then back to the road.

"Hell yeah.." Dean said and hurry drive to the way at the road.

Some hour the was almost there.

"Yeah, the principal do have right, that's was no answer at her documents" Sam said while he was reading at the documents.

"Well she do have a pretty hit profile photo at the document" Dean replied and grinned with a smirk.

Sam look at Dean with a strange face at Dean like he was saying 'seriously'

Dean looked at San and then back to the road with a smirk.

"What Asian chick is hot too" Dean grinned again with smirk.

Sam smile a bit and looked at the documents.

"Yeah, there's something about her parents but no names no picture if them. Like they was just vanished. But it said. That her parents didn't want a kid and just leave her in the old yard" Sam said with a strange face, who kinda look like he didn't understand this.

Dean looked at Sam and then to the road "And this weird 'cause it must be something another, right?" Dean replied

"Yeah... But nothing more. It must just be police writing about the parents. But her name was on the paper at baby. So it could be impossible be that they didn't want the her. There's must be something else?" Sam said with a strange face.

"All people had bad secret or past" Dean replied while he focused at the road.

"Yeah... But nothing more.. Just she's was happy at her life when the family 'Jones' took care of her.. Smiling laughing... Yeah perfect life. But I think it's must be fake- like when you're at bad mood. You making fake acting. Like fake smile, smirk grin and you're making bad jokes and stupid comments-" Dean stops Sam words 'cause Sam hurry skipped into Dean.

"Are you trying to make shit of me?" Dean said with a mean strange face.

"Dean I'm not trying. I am making shit of you" Sam replied with a little smile.

"Huh. Bitch" Dean said with a smile

"Jerk" Sam said and keep reading at the documents, who still had a lot of informations.

They came to Alyssa house again at late night. They come off the car.

"Are sure that Ted not at home?" Sam said.

"Yes I do. I called to Alyssa brother and I was acting like I was one of her friends. So Ted not home. His at the hospital looking at Alyssa corpse" Dean said with a smirk.

Sam looked a bit strange with his smirk "yeah you know love life"

They unlocked the door with a pick lock. And came inside.

Turn the lights on and walked to place where the desk with weird stuff on.

They looked and looked and reads a lot of witch books to figure what it was.

"No witch work about this" Sam said and lay the books on the table.

Dean shrugged a bit and looked at the weird stuff. But closer. Then he saw blood on the necklace.

"Hey Sammy" Dean called to Sam and Sam looked behind to see what Dean have seen.

"It's a necklace?" Sam said and looked a bit weird

"Yeah but try to look closer at it" Dean explain

Sam looked closer at it and got eye at the blood on the necklace.

"Blood?" Sam said with a weird face

"Yep it's must be something she's have done and this ghost must be angry and try to stop her what she's was doing" Dean said

"Yeah but what?" Sam replied

"I'm don't know I'm not a geni here" Dean said

"Well..." Sam said and try to touch the necklace but Dean try to stop him to touch it but they both touch it.

"You don't kn-" Dean didn't finish his word. They suddenly disappear in the room.

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