5SoS Preferences

Just some random 5sos Preferences from tumblr, or written by me :) Enjoy


2. Preference 1

Pillow Fights



Pillow fights with Ash always happened early in the morning. He was always so cheery and giddy in the morning, very much unlike you. He would always mess with you to get on your nerves. He’d playfully hit you with a pillow to try to get you out of bed, causing you to retaliate and throw one back. It wouldn’t be long until you two were in a full out battle, laughing at each other’s teasing words.


Calum and you would have pillow fights after sex. You’d say something teasing to him like “You’ve done better” or “That’s it, really?” causing him to smack a pillow off of your face. It would slowly escalate to pillows being whammed at each other before you’d find yourself once again pinned down below him.


You and Luke would randomly have pillow fights while you’re taking naps or having a lazy day. You two would be having a silly conversation which would be you making fun of Luke. Eventually he’ll have enough of it and throw a pillow at you. Eventually it would escalate to you guys running around the house in a full-out pillow war.


Whenever you and Michael played video games he would throw things at you to mess you up; these things tended to be pillows. After a few times of him throwing pillows at you, you would get annoyed and whip one right back at him, causing him to become startled. He’d say something really cute like “Oh you’re gonna pay for that” before grabbing pillows from everywhere on the couch and whipping them at you whilst you whipped them right back.

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