One Direction's management wants to match Zayn Malik with an intelligent, well behaved girl, Darlene, because of his outrageous behavior and needs to calm him down. Meanwhile, Darlene needs the money to help her mom to raise her other siblings and her dream to go to college or be an Olympic athlete star. Can the management find the right girl to control Zayn? Or will Darlene be captured by Zayn's spell? We only know that Darlene is in wild roller coaster ride.


2. the parker family

December 1, 2012


Parker, Parker, Parker! The audience cheered me on as I entered the stadium for the 2016 Olympic Games, representing USA. The way I am feeling right now in this moment was two emotions, one being anxious because I didn't want to miss it up. My other emotion was ecstatic now that I was living my dream since I was a five-year-old.

Once I had arrived in my track number, eight, I started to warm up my body so that I could feel relaxed. While stretching, I set my mind in game mode, my goal is to finish first on this round, 400 yards.

The announcer told us to get ready, and I did what he told us. At this moment, I felt like my blood was rising towards my head from all these butterflies that forming inside of my stomach as an adrenaline rush entered my veins..

“You can do it Dar, I know you can,” I told myself as I was set on the position the announcer told us. All I have to do hear is the bullet to help us with the race, but this time around I was helping myself to reach a goal.

BOOM, it a trigger was heard around the Brazilian stadium and you could also hear people cheering for their favorite runner, just as I started to run through the track. Slowly, but surely, I was passing girls, one by one, as I got closer and closer to the end.

“Run Dar Run,” my favorite motto from my favorite movie of course, Forrest Gump.

It made me think of the memories I had with my family as we had to run to get something that we wanted to make our living conditions better. We never had a good life since my dad had passed away, but I try the hardest to help out.

With just a few seconds’ away from final line, I was ahead of the pack. I didn't let my mind get distracted about the pack of girls, but I rather let it think by finishing this race stronger.

“Wake up Dar Dar, it's time to wake up sleepy head,” Ally yelled extremely in my ear and hit my face with a pink pillow (her favorite color). Just as I was about to put my foot on the final line as I was first one to finish the race in my dream.

“ALLY! You know when I have Saturdays off I like to sleep in, so do not wake me up” I said, sounding cranky as I got up from my bed, knowing I wouldn’t be able to sleep with her here.

Looking down towards my littlest sister in this household at five-years-old with her toddler size. “But, its 11:00 and I had to remind you about my practice tomorrow,” she uttered.

Ally has ballet practices every Sunday at 1-2:30 pm, and I had to take her because my mom can't as she volunteers at a local church every Sunday. Plus, I already have a license for six months to help her out with my younger siblings. Not only that, I had saved up money from Sweet Arleen's, a bakery that I work, to get myself a used gray Jeep Wrangler a month after I got my license.

“Ally,” I said as I was looking at her, “I know you get excited for your rehearsals and you already know that I won’t forget about it, but you can't just barge into my room especially on my day off.”

“I am sorry, I just had to remind you,” Ally looking at me with those big bright blue eyes of hers and slight black wavy hair that she had gotten from my mom side.

“Apology accepted, just promise to not wake me up,” I stated as I stared her with a smile.

“I promise,” she said while showing me her toothless mouth as her teeth was starting to fall off.

Smelling something wonderful from downstairs, “Good, but I smell some delicious pancakes, let’s go see if mom needs help.”

“Yaaaay, I want pancakes,” she cheered and ran off from my room.

I smirked at her silly actions as I let out a sigh, ah, sometimes kids like her makes peoples days brighter.

I shook off my trance as I went to meet everyone else downstairs at the kitchen counter. Jeremy, my fifteen-year-old brother who has jet-black hair with light blues, same features as me. He was already eating, probably on his fifth one since he likes to pig out, which I understand since he’s a soccer player at my high school.

My twelve-year-old sister, Lynne, she was eating slowly. I shook my head at her, she is the lazy one out of all of use, but at times mom and I have to check on her grades. I went over to the stove area, I saw my mom in a cheery mood. Next to her was Ally asking her for a chocolate pancake. Everyone was in their pajamas since it was a Saturday morning, we like to these mornings for ourselves and to chill.

"Good morning everybody," I said in a cheery mood as I saw a perfect California sunny day, which makes my mood ten times happier, through the kitchen’s window. However, it was a bit chilly, as it marks as the first day of December.

I heard some ‘good morning’ and ‘yeah’ replies around the kitchen table. I went to get myself some coffee. While the pot was being made, I had a question stuck in my head.

"Mom, why aren't you working? You’re usually working up at Joanne's house (my mom is a housekeeper)," I said as I waited and let the smell of the fresh coffee take over my nose.

My mom turned her head towards me as she heard me mention of 'mom', she has straight jet-black hair that went up to her shoulders and we had the same eye color. "Well, Joanne called me and that she wasn't feeling well. So, she told me to not come in today, which I am glad because I wanted to spend the morning with you guys."

"I miss seeing you guys on Saturday mornings and being able to relax for once," I said as I was pouring a cup of coffee into my awesome bugs’ bunny mug that I got it from Six Flags. I also poured a bit of gingerbread cream into my coffee, for some holiday spirit, love the holiday season.

"I miss this too, anyway, your birthday is coming up, how would you like to celebrate it?" she asked as she flipped some of the almost ready pancakes.

"Just a simple dinner with my family and friends, not much," I replied as I leaned onto the counter.

I never was a girl who wants a big party or to have all the attention, other than if I really deserve it. For example, if I accomplish on getting into the Olympic team, then I wouldn’t mind receiving all the glory for my hard work.

"Just that? I mean you’re going to be eighteen dear," she said with confusion on her face, “When I was your age, I always wanted to be the center of the attention.”

"I know you do, but that doesn’t mean the attention, and Christmas is coming up, which it means we have to save up money," I said, hopefully this would work for not getting a big party as I crossed my fingers.

"I don't know, we will see," she winked while handing me a plate of two chocolate pancakes while I was eyeing her suspiciously.

What does that wink of hers mean? It better not be something wild or cruelly. I shrugged my shoulders and walked towards the counter with my food.

BUURRRPP, " Excuse me, I am full, thank you mom," Jeremy said with a satisfaction look on his face.

Everyone laughed, except for Lynne giving him an annoying look on her face."Eew, try to be even more gross Je, please," giving an attitude to Jeremy.

"I am sorry, I haven't had a good breakfast for a long time, so please don't ruin MY mood," Jeremy giving her a sass face expression while looking at his white shirt that had syrup stains.

Lynne stood up and ran to her room, not wanting to be with us. We all give each other looks, we always had this problem with her. She would either ignore us or we would at least try to get in touch with her. Yet, it’s quite sad that we have to do that since she’s my sister. But, what can we do with her?

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