One Direction's management wants to match Zayn Malik with an intelligent, well behaved girl, Darlene, because of his outrageous behavior and needs to calm him down. Meanwhile, Darlene needs the money to help her mom to raise her other siblings and her dream to go to college or be an Olympic athlete star. Can the management find the right girl to control Zayn? Or will Darlene be captured by Zayn's spell? We only know that Darlene is in wild roller coaster ride.


3. Lynne's outburst


After Lynne's outburst, I was very concerned about her of why she acted like that. Even though I don’t really talk to her that much as I should, but she’s still my sister. I tried to finish my breakfast without choking, so that I could go and see if she was okay. I ate my last bites and sips before putting my dishes away in the sink and said thank you to my mom for the food. Using my quickest speed that I knew I could go up to, I walked up the stairs. I reached my sister's door, being in the left side of the hallway before using my fist to give a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Lynne asked with annoyance.

“It’s me, Dar,” I responded.

“Go away!” Lynne yelled.

“No, I want to see if you are okay, face to face,” I said honestly, I seriously don’t know why she’s acting like this.

“May you please go away because I am fine,” she said, not really believing her.

Giving myself a quick breath to not get myself mad at her, I decided to go in, even when she said no. However, at the end of the day she is my sister, I want to know how she is feeling.

“Okay, you asked for this,” I said as in my last syllable I opened the door before seeing my sister in her computer.

I sighed, I hate seeing her locked up in her room; I wish she could be a regular pre-teen girl by hanging around with her friends. As I looked around her room, painted in a light purple, her bed on the right side with a duvet with plaid purple. The other side of me there is a guitar and a bookshelf, from the Harry Potter books to Twilight books and to even some college books that I haven't even read in my life.

I guess the reason why she reads them because so she doesn't feel lonely being stuck here most of the time. Yet, she must have bad grades, but her love for books is different. On the left is her desk with a window and that's where I found her. She was on her computer, probably reading some online books.

Ever since our dad died, which was five years ago on October 12, 2006 before Ally was born, everyone was devastated about the horrible news. The doctors found a brain tumor that was found really late and there was no chances that he could’ve survived. We all tried to stay strong for dad, except Lynne. Lynne was the closet one to him, she would always go with him to work or play with him at a game of baseball at a park. Sometimes I would envy her blonde locks by how she and dad were the only ones that had that color, but I am happy with my hair color.

I have jet-black hair that went up to my ribcage and have bright blue eyes, just like the rest of my family. Yet, at the end of the day, I have to remember to make this family strong after my dad’s passing. However, we will always will miss Robert Trey Parker.

“Hey sis, whatcha doing in the computer?” I asked my sister.

She turned around with a worried looked and blocked the screen, not wanting me to see, “Didn't I told you to go away?” she replied with a hint of anger.

“You did, but I wanted to know what is going on with you. I mean, you always here locked up inside of this room, you should go out and have fun,” I said. “Plus, I also wanted to ask you if you wanted to come bowling tonight with just me and Ellie.”

Ellie is my cousin and my best friend, she is the same age as me, just five months younger than me. However, she makes fun of my height since two inches taller as a 5'7 while a 5’5. She is from my dad's side with beautiful blonde and green eyes to match her outgoing personality. She loves running and swimming; however, she is more of a swimmer than a runner, which I am absolutely fine with it. Like Ally, Ellie loves to draw and would like to pursue that talent into a career.

“So, what do you think? Yes or no?” I asked Lynne, hopefully she would say yes so we could hang out.

Looking at the computer and then back to me for few long seconds, she finally responded, “No”.

“And why not?” I asked her quickly. “If you say you want to stay here because your computer, you are going.”

“I just don't want to go, okay,” she snapped.

Shaking my head, I have been getting annoyed of her being stuck inside of her room, but when you play with fire, you get more fire. I sighed once again, not wanting to get angry with her, and walked out of her room.

“Thank you!” Lynne shouted after I closed her door.

In that second, I felt like screaming on the top of my lungs. “Relax Dar, just go get ready for tonight,” I said to myself.

“You’re weird, you know that, right?” Jeremy walked by me while shaking his head, heading towards his room. His room is the first room you see, once you get up the stairs, since he wants to be the “protector”.

“Just relax Dar, you can do it,” I agreed to myself. I went inside of my room being the one way down on the right, my mom’s room is in the left with the master room and Ally’s in the right of mine.

In my bedroom, my bed is in the center with a white duvet, light blue/white pillows and white curtains covering my window. My black desk is on the left and my closet on the right. The walls are painted in a light blue color if you didn't guess, my favorite color. Yet, you could definitely see lot of posters of colleges and Olympics. My dream is to get into USC and be part of Rio 2016 Olympics Games. The only problem was the money to help me train and set me off to college. We have been on a tight budget since dad had passed away, either way I have been raising money for college from working at Sweet Arleen's. Hopefully I could make it in by the end of the school year.

I checked the time, it was 12:30, which means I didn't had to get ready till five o’clock and I have pick up Ellie at her house. What should I do? I could always clean my room, then I guess I’ll have to do that.


After cleaning my room, I looked at my alarm clock to find out what time it is.

5:15 PM.

Yikes! I should get ready before it gets too late, and I didn’t want Ellie to get mad at me.

I went up to my closet to start gathering an outfit for the night. I knew it was going to be a regular Oxnard December night, very chilly. I picked out a long sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans, my converses, my panda sweater and a few jewelry. In the bathroom, I did my hair the simplest I could do with a braid. For my makeup, I just put on mascara since I was running late.

After completing my look, I got my keys and ran down the stairs; but before I left, I give mom a kiss on the cheek and jumped into Sally, my Jeep. I call her Sally because I have always been wanting to get on a horse, I hope I would be able to do it one day. I turned her engine on and blasted some Flyleaf music, one of my favorite bands, before making my towards my cousin’s house.

Arriving at Ellie's on time, I went to knock on her door, seeing that all lights were on. After two knocks, the door cracked open.

“Darlene! I missed you,” Ellie said before hopping onto me to greet me with a warm hug.

“You saw me yesterday at school, Ellie,” I explained as I laughed of her cutest, before we separated from our embrace.

“Of course I saw you silly, but I missed you,” Ellie exclaimed while shutting her front door.

“Couldn’t get enough of me?” I asked jokingly as we walked up to Sally.

She laughed as we got on, “I don’t think I would ever would, but are you excited for tonight? I heard lot of our friends are going.”

“Like who?” I asked with curiosity.

“I heard Kaitlyn and some of my water polo friends are going,” she said as she changed the music and stopped when 'We Are Young' started playing by FUN.

Both of us sang along with the music because it’s such a great tune, not only that it also makes us get hyped up for the night. I started to drive as other fun songs were put on the radio station, and at the end of many songs being played, we reached our destination.

Once inside of the bowling place, we paid our fees and picked out our shoe sizes. There was different kinds of people tonight from kid's party to teenager hangouts. I saw Kaitlyn, one of the girls of my varsity track team, with her family and friends. I even smelled cigarettes from one of the groups. Yuck, I never liked the smell of cigarettes, it makes me gab when someone is smoking beside me.

“Which station do you want to go to?” I asked Ellie, after shaking off my thoughts.

She was looking around and pointed out her finger to one of the bowling stations, next to a kid's birthday party. “Right there, I do not want to be smelling cigarettes while I am beating you up.”

“Whoa, whoa, you mean when I beat you this time around, I remember last time you cheated by putting sticky glue on the bowling balls I was using,” I said.

“That’s not my fault, you could have looked where you're putting your hands in,” Ellie laughed while putting her hands up in a surrender.

Into the bowling game, Ellie beat me on the first two rounds and I won the next two. Right now it was the final round, only one could come out undefeated. Before starting the next round, Ellie recognized a guy from our school.

“Look there is Rey with the rest of his team,” Ellie said as she pointed behind me.

I rolled my eyes as I knew what she was doing. She knows I have a big crush on Rey. Rey has dark brown hair with chocolate eyes, he has bulky arms that makes anyone be afraid of him. He is an American football player at our high school, and he’s one of the popular kids. He is the hottest guy in the planet, if you asked me. I have had a crush on him since sixth grade, but he’ll never go out with someone like me.

“I know what you are doing, you are trying to distract me. Well, nice try because that is not going to happen today, let's get back into the game,” I said as I picked up the lightest ball, which was pink.

“I am not lying Dar! Look for yourself, if you don’t believe me,” she said with a little jump for excitement.

I turned around and Ellie was not lying, there he was, Rey, with his football buddies. However, I saw that he was giving me one of his nice smiles. At that instant, I froze, that's how powerful he has on me.

“Heeellooo Dar, are you there?” Ellie asked with playfulness

I unfroze myself, “I-I think so,” I said as I was feeling a bit embarrassed.

I turned around again, thankfully Rey wasn't paying attention to us anymore, but that made me feel sad. He will never notice me, even if I try the hardest to grab his attention. I turned my attention back to Ellie, not wanting to think about him.

“Come on, let's finish the game,” she said as she hit my one of my upper-arms.

I nodded my head to agree with her. It was my turned, I picked up a ball while my hands where a bit sweaty because I wanted to impress Rey. I must’ve threw the ball wrong because the ball flew to the opposite direction and hit a nearby boy, I guess an age at ten on the stomach.

I ran up to the boy, “Oh gosh! I am so sorry,” I said honestly, and checked to see if he was alright.

He didn't say anything as he gave me a scared look before he ran away to his mom, who gave me a filthy look.

I turned my head to where Rey and his pals were, they were laughing of the accident I just committed. I put my head down, not wanting to see them because I just made myself look like a fool in front of my hot crush.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, knowing it was Ellie. “Do you want to leave or would you like to finish the game?”

“Let's finish it,” I muttered, still a bit sad but I didn’t want to ruin our bowling night.

After finishing final round for the night, Ellie came out victorious. I sighed, I didn’t had my head completely on the game because I was thinking of what just happen. Tonight is not my night, yet, there’s other nights to take over my crown from her.

“Aaaahhh,” Ellie screamed with joy as at the same time she was bouncing like a lunatic. “You don't know, oh oh. You don't know you're beautiful, oh oh. That's what makes you beautiful,” she sang along with the song that the bowling place was playing.

“Who sings that song?” I asked of the unfamiliar pop song, it sounds like trash to me, just being honest here.

Ellie stopped bouncing and just stared at me as if I just committed the most horrible crime that any man hasn’t committed.

“What?” I asked with confusion, and at the same time giving her a weird look.

“That was One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful, they are a boy band. Right now they are so popular and you can't hardly missed them because they’re so hot,” she said as it was the best thing in the world.

“Ooh sorry, you know I listen to songs that are outside of mainstream,” I said as I saw everyone singing along with this ‘famous’ tune, this boy band must be famous then.

“You should give them a chance, you will probably like them,” Ellie said, trying to convince me to the dark side.

“I don't know, I like MY kind of music and taste,” I said and giving her that eye that she knows that I don't want to argue with her.

“Fine,” she said while she quit on convincing me.

I relieved on the inside, I would never hear them, even if they’re ‘hot’. “Let’s go home, yeah?” I asked her before walking out and called it a night.

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