One Direction's management wants to match Zayn Malik with an intelligent, well behaved girl, Darlene, because of his outrageous behavior and needs to calm him down. Meanwhile, Darlene needs the money to help her mom to raise her other siblings and her dream to go to college or be an Olympic athlete star. Can the management find the right girl to control Zayn? Or will Darlene be captured by Zayn's spell? We only know that Darlene is in wild roller coaster ride.


4. 1, 2, 3


Riinnggg, riinnggg! The bell rang to announce that school was over for the day. Feeling so sweaty after a 5 mile run, I need to hit the shower rapido. When I arrived to the showers inside of the locker room, it took me ten minutes to rinse my hair and body. I made sure there was no soap on me before I turned off the shower head when I finished. I made my way to a stall with my clothes inside my Nike bag. After finishing getting dressed, I step outside of the girls’ locker room and walked towards Sally. Today was a school day which means I had to work at Sweet Arleen's, not looking forward to it when I could rest. I opened the door of my car without looking at the inside of my car.

“I want you!” a voice yelled inside of my car.

“Aaaaahhhh!” I dropped all my belongings to the ground, there was a big white teddy bear with a read heart stating 'I Want You' is sitting on the passenger side. “What the heck?” I looked around for an explanation and saw a figure in the back seats.

“Boo!” the figure jumped out of its hiding place and the figure was Rey. My mouth dropped, almost reaching the floor.

“What are you doing in my car?” I asked him with a bit nervousness and gladness. 

Rey got out of the car and stood in front of me, “Well,” he put a hand in his neck as he was nervous for some reason, “Well, I have something to tell you.” 

I nodded my head for him to continue to speak as I admired his good looks, man he is hot. 

“I know that you know that I haven't been paying attention to you, but that fact is a lie.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him with confusion.

“Darlene, in my eyes I see that you are a beautiful girl and in my heart I want you to be my girlfriend,” he took my hand in his. 

I was in complete shock of his words, is there another Darlene? I looked away trying to figure out who this Darlene could be, other than me, not wanting to get confused with my emotions. 

“Look at me Dar,” he used his other hand to move my head to look at him directly, I had my full attention completely in him. “Darlene, would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Did he just asked me that? Do I want to be his girlfriend? Of course Darlene, you have liked him since middle school. I looked into his brown eyes and I nodded my head for a yes. Rey had his close eyes shut and started to lean in. Little by little, I started to lean in and just one second away to reach his lips...

“Aaaahh, stop coming into my room Je!” Lynne screamed from her room.

“Will you have to start coming outside of that cage of yours, jeez,” Jeremy answered back to her.

Ooh God, please help them and let me have a peaceful morning. Sometimes is a pain in the butt of having younger siblings that like to bug all the time. I looked over to see what time it is.

10:09 AM

Well there goes my perfect dream, I reached out to get the closest pillow that I could find without opening my eyes. Whatever pillow I had grabbed, I putted it over my head so that I could block the outside noises other than my imagination.

“Dar?” someone called my name.

Do pillows talk now?

“Dear?” the same voice said.

I pushed the pillow away and I peeked over to see my mom standing next my door. She was looking at me with amusement of how I was sleeping.

“Yes mom?” I asked without sounding disturb by the early actions from my siblings.

“I have to leave early to volunteer and I have left you a plate of waffles by the microwave. Also, remember that you have to take Ally to her ballet lessons at one o’clock this afternoon and her clothes are drying in the dryer,” she explained.

“Okay mom, thank you and I love you,” I responded, using my hand to push away my hair from falling in front of my eyes.

“Love you too sweetie,” she exclaimed as before she left my room.

Once the environment in the house felt peaceful, I reached over my bed to grab my phone from my desk. I had two unread messages, one from Ellie and the other from our other best friend, Leah.

Leah is the other third of me and Ellie's friendship wheel, I had known her since 7th grade through English class. She has red fiery hair with green leaf eyes with her height being the same height as mine. She is the opposite from Ellie, she’s not really girly, only when she wants to. She is normally from San Francisco; fortunately for me and Ellie, she moved to Oxnard when her dad's work moved him here. At first when I saw her, she was really shy to talk with anybody in the classroom. 

One day during lunch, I went up to her when she was eating alone by the administration office, I asked her if she would like to eat with me and Ellie. She shook her head at first, but after thinking for a while, she stood up and that is when I knew a whole new friendship started. Both Ellie and Leah have been there for me when my father had passed away, and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't been strong enough to help my family.

I first opened Ellie's message:

Good morning sweet cheeks! Call me later when you aren't busy, I have something important to tell u...

Giving a little giggle while I replied to her text, she is ball of sunshine sometimes, which is why I love about her.

Alright, can't wait for the news :)

Hhhmmm I wonder what the news is going to be about. Did she get a good grade in one of her classes or could it be something for my birthday? Hopefully not because I don’t really want anything. I scrolled down to open my other unread message.

Leah: Hey Dar, I heard about what happen last night with Rey, are u ok?

Last night's crazy stunt that I did with the bowling ball came back to my mind, I know Leah was trying to look out for me, but I didn't want people to keep reminding me of it. Even though I didn't feel like replying back, I had to, I mean she is one of my besties.

I am okay, hakuna matata :)

I left my phone on my bed and opened my door to step out of my room. I went downstairs to get my breakfast, when I got there I saw Ally was eating her food and watching TV on the counter. 

While heating up my waffles, I looked over to my baby sister, “What are you watching Ally?”.

“Angelina Ballerina,” she said without turning her head from the TV. 

Angelina Ballerina is her favorite cartoon show and the probably the reason why she started to get ballerina lessons. I am glad that she is doing something that she likes and could probably pursuit as a job if she keeps up the good work.

“Where's Je?” I asked her for my brother, not bothering asking about Lynne.

“Probably at Paolo’s house playing soccer,” she responded without taking her eyes off from the screen.

Paolo being Jeremy's best friend and soccer mate. Both of them are part of the JV soccer team at my high school, both of them are pretty good at their age. I know Jeremy would like to be part of the World Cup someday, I think he would be able todo it if he put his heart into it.

“Are you excited for your rehearsal?” I asked, setting my plate next to her.

“Yes! I been waiting for a whole week,” she exclaimed, this time she was looking at me with a big smile as if she received a huge lollipop.

“You never were this excited to go to practice, why are you so excited for this one?” I questioned her while sitting down and eating my food.

“Mrs. Dahl is going to show a us a whole new routine today; b-but before that, each one of us have to do the last routine that we have been working on in front of the class. I have been doing great with the last routine, so hopefully it will impress her,” she said while giving her attention back to the screen.

“Hopefully you will do well, but um, finish your food so that you can get ready,” I told her. 

She nodded as we finished our breakfast.

After taking a shower and getting ready, I gathered my homework and laptop, during her practice I like to take that time to do my assignments and scholarships. I went to Ally's room to see if she was read.


“You ready?” I asked while looking at her inside her small pink room.

“Ready! Let’s go Dar,” she said while grabbing my hand and rushing me out of the house. I give out a giggle of how inpatient she is acting. 

Inside my car, I put the keys inside the ignition and turned Sally’s engine on. And with that, we left without a traffic rush.


“1, 2, 3,” counted Mrs. Dahl to the girls as they are practicing one of their routines.

I already finished my assignments and was looking on the internet for any scholarships that I could apply for college, so far I have one and I’m trying to find other ones. I took a quick break from looking at the bright screen and remembered I had to call Ellie. Gathering all my belongings, I went to the foyer to make the call. Soon as I found her contact, I dialed. No more than 2 rings, she picked up.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh,” Ellie screamed almost making me deafer than a seventy-year-old.

“Ellie calm down before I have to replace my ear,” I proclaimed before I let out a laugh of her excitement.

“Sorry is that One Direction are coming to LA to perform at the Ellen show this week and at the US X Factor later in the month,” she said as I could imagine a smile on her face before turning into another scream.

“Don't even scream again,” I commanded her as I hold onto my ears for my dear life.

“I won't, but I am so excited, I could see my boyfriends,” she said while I rolled my eyes. “Hey what are you doing right now?”

Taking a seat nearby and opening my laptop at the same time as I felt a breeze coming from the front door. “Just looking and trying to complete some scholarships,” I said as I looked at the bright screen again.

“Aren’t you going to get some awards by being one of the top students and a tracker?” she asked with curiosity.

“I don't know if that is going to help me cover my costs for college, you know that my mom’s financial is bad, and that money for college needs to come from somewhere,” I stated sadly as I really want to go to a nice college for next fall. “Plus, I don't know if USC is going to accept me.”

“What about the Olympic Track and Field Program?” she questioned.

“Well, I need money to cover my fees if I’m going to be part of the Olympic Program,” I said as I was getting a bit sad of not being to get my future. “Anyway I have to go, Ally is going to come out of her practice soon, talk to you later, and bye.”

“Bye Dar,” she said quickly.

Hanging up my phone and closing my laptop while putting them away in my bag, I turned around in a smooth transition. As I was turning around, I saw a tall strong man with dark chocolate hair staring at me with a black V-neck t-shirt, blue washed jeans, and black sunglasses.

“Um, may I help you sir?” I asked politely, praying he won't be harm me.

Taking his sunglasses off and took out his hand to shake my hand, “You might have seen me around, but I am Simon Cowell.”

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