Lover's bite

Love really is blind


2. Chapter Two

Ollie was always on my mind, since that night-almost two weeks ago. Everynight since then, I've been waiting to see him again-just to know if he still remembers my name. But I haven't seen him, he seemed to have vanished into thin air.  The way he jumped out at me was enough to scare anyone..."writing again?" said Lorna loudly over my shoulder and making me jump "who's the he, you write about?" she asked "nobody for you to worry..." but when I looked at her, I trailed off Lorna was dressed in a black spotted pink dress, Lorna was for once wearing a dress, the girl whom always lived in jeans. "About" I said "why are you dressed like that?" "I do own some dresses" she said "since when?" I asked but she didn't answer me she just said "Oh, whatever-Mags I'm going out" "when will you be back?" I asked as she reached the door "late" she said "don't wait up" then she went outside.

All night, as the clock reached pass midnight. Soon it was one in the morning and by now I was pacing up and down my room, chewing my fingernails and thinking-she should have been home ages ago. I said to mum "Lorna still isn't back, mum" but as soon as I said that, Lorna suddenly crashed in through the door crying. Her lovely pink dress was all torn, ripped and dirty and blood was running from her neck. Mum rushed to her and tried to calm her down. Mum was even going to phone the doctor when she saw the gash on Lorna's neck but Lorna stopped her and said she just wanted to go to sleep. So mum let her go to bed and asked me to keep a eye on her. I watched as Lorna got ready for bed, dashing around her room. Lorna stopped and spotted me staring at her from her doorway "what?" she said "that gash on your neck" I said "how did you get it?" "does it matter?" she said "well, yes it does" I said "because it's still bleeding" Lorna felt her neck "Oh, great" she said "that's just what I need" "who did it to you?" I asked, Lorna looked at me "I was attacked" she said and to my shock, she started crying, I stepped back "Lorna" I said "are you ok?" "it was awful" she sobbed "it was getting quite dark by the time I was walking home, and a noise was coming from this rose bush in a corner and I swear I saw someone watching me from behind it out of the corner of my eye. So, I carried on walking faster but suddenly I don't even know what happened next because it all just happened so quickly-a guy. Well, at least I think it was a guy-he rushed out at me and tackled me to the ground" I listened in awe I was unable to say anything else because I was so engrossed in Lorna's story "and then what happened?" I whispered "then I screamed" she said "I almost screamed the whole street down, lights were coming on in people's bedroom's windows" now I knew Lorna was twisting the truth, she always did that made things a whole lot worse then they really was. "This thing that was on top of me was really strong" she went on "he held me down, then he opened his mouth and his teeth were long and pointy-then he sank his teeth into my neck..." she trailed off "Magz" she said "do you think he was a vampire?" I walked over to her and checked out the gash on her neck "it's quite deep" I said "I know" she said "I just about managed to get away" "how come I didn't hear you scream?" I asked, I didn't want to ask that but something about Lorna's tale didn't ring true. "I don't know" she said "maybe you were sleeping?" "but you said you almost screamed the whole street down and people''''s bedroom's windows lights were coming on-so, how do you know it was their bedrooms and why didn't I hear you" "are you saying I'm lying?" she asked "as if  I'd make something like that up, you can clearly see I've been attacked-why would I make something like that up?" she was right even Lorna wouldn't lie about something like that. I signed "I'm sorry" I said "Oh, whatever Magz" she said "just leave me alone" so-I walked out of her room and went into my own.

I don't even know if Ollie was the one who attacked her or not, but the way Lorna said he was strong and he had sharp, pointy teeth sounded just like him and those words she said to me-do you think he's a vampire? Kept running through my mind.

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