Lover's bite

Love really is blind


3. Chapter Three

Lorna wasn't going out as much now, in the night. It was just me who kept going to the Hooded spot at night, waiting to see him. It was night now, not that dark I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face. I watched the dark street from the livingroom window "what are you looking at?" asked Lorna brushing pass me and again making me jump a mile. "Do you always have to sneak up on me?" I said "it's not my fault you scare easy" she said I signed deeply out of my nose "I'm going out" I said "what" she said "at this time of night?" "yes" I said "see you" and I walked out before she could stop me.

I walked to the Hooded spot and sat down on the rock. There was no sight of him anywhere "Ollie?" I whispered loudly "are you here?" suddenly I spotted someone on the ground behind the rose bush and that someone saw me too because that someone stood up quickly and hen I realized as I looked closer it was Ollie. "Why are following me?" he asked "do you not lnow who I am?" "whose says I was following you?" I said "and what are you then?" "do you believe in vampires?" he said "vampire?" I said thinking aloud then Lorna's voice suddenly popped into my head-do you think he's a vampire? "vampire?" I said again "did you attack my sister?" "I didn't even know you had a sister" he said "but now I do, thanks" "why are you thanking me for?" I said "well, now I know a bit more about you" he said "and why do you want to know me more for?" I asked "well..." he started "since the moment I saw you that night, three weeks ago to be exact-I thought to myself she's pretty it's just a shame she ran away from me screaming but I suppose that was my own fault for scaring you silly" "do think I'm pretty?" I asked him a smile spreading across my face "I think you wouldn't go out with me, not in a million years-I'm way too old for you" "I'll be the judge of that" I said "if you like me or not" I said "why didn't come to find me sooner?" "everynight when you come here" he said "I saw you from behind a tree or even behind the rose bush but I could never go near you" "so you spied on me instead?" I said "I had no choice" he said "I couldn't go near you, not when I was feeling like I did when I saw you" "and what did you feel like?" I said  "hungry" he said. "Hungry?" I said cleary confused "what do you mean? I'm not food you know" "to me you are" he said "do you honestly not know what I am by now?" "I don't care what you are" I said "but you're freaking me out" "you didn't answer my question" he said "and what question is that?" I said "do you believe in vampires?" he asked "no" I said "why would I?" "why do you think you always only see me at night?" he said "what do you think these teeth are?" he said showing me his sharp, pointy teeth. I stepped back, I wasn't sure what to say because right now I was getting scared "I'm a vampire" he said "don't be so stupid" I said though now I wasn't so sure. I knew it all made sense that I never saw him in the day, only the night but still I refused to believe it. "Well, I'd better be off" I said edging away "nice to meet you, Ollie" "wait" he said as I tried walking away "have I scared you again?" "I've just got to go home" I said and walked off faster before he could say anything else to me. As soon as I got far away from the hooded spot as I possibly could, I broke into a run and ran all the way home-again.

I wrote a poem about Ollie in my diary...

I refuse to believe in such things

That exist, to me it's all

Just a big mystery

How can I meet just a normal boy

Who turns out to be a

Monster in the night,

How could I not see,

What a lovely monster he is?

That night I just couldn't stop thinking about Ollie and the way I always seen him dressed in black head to toe, even his hair was black and flopping into his bright green eyes-he was either a emo/goth or just dark minded. I am just a plain girl with light red hair and blue eyes-Lorna was always the pretty one. Maybe Ollie would never go out with me anyway and like he said-himself. I'm too young for him. Lorna knocked on my bedroom door, that's a change because she usually just barges in. "Magz" she said "can I come in" I used my posh voice for a change and said "come, my dear" she opened my door and give me such a strange look, then we just burst out laughing at eachother "what the hell...?" she laughed "what do you want?" I laughed "do you remember that night I got attacked?" she said "do I remember?" I said "what do you think?" "yeah, well anyway" she said "moving on, the bite on my neck were two holes and there's only one supernatural force who can do that to someone else" "and, your point is?" I said "don't you see what I'm trying to say Magz or do I have to spell it out for you?" she said at this point I couldn't be bothered to talk to her so, I just stared at her waiting for her to carry on "don't you see" she said "I was attacked by a vampire" then I really laughed and fell off my bed I was sat on the edge of. "Oh, Lorna" I laughed getting up "that's a good one, but thanks I needed that laugh" "don't you believe me?" she said "Magz, I'm telling you this truth-listen to me. There's a vampire hiding outside I don't know where and I don't know why but I do know he's out there" I didn't answer her so, she just shook her head at me, sighed and walked out.



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