Lover's bite

Love really is blind


10. Chapter Ten

I wrote two new poems about Ollie

This guy that I've fallen in love with

Doesn't see what I can be

He doesn't know

How hurt I am, by his words and he doesn't even care

What he's done to me

I thought I loved someone 

But now I guess I was wrong

Love really is blind

I am the proof

Lorna wasn't speaking to me, but I didn't give up. I went and knocked on her bedroom door "who is it?" snapped Lorna "it's me" I said "Maggie" "go away" she said "can I come in?" I said "no" she said "I don't want to talk to you"

After wards Lorna told mum that she was sleeping over a mate's house, she was walking home from a mate's house the night Ollie attacked her-that's what she told me anyway and there's one thing Lorna always does is she never lies. Lorna didn't even look at me the moment she left the house. That night as I was just lying on my bed, there was tap at my window and when I went to go and have a look. Ollie floated outside my window so, I opened my window "what do you want?" I said coldly "I'm sorry" he said "I didn't realize you felt that way about me" "you wouldn't, would you?" I said, just then my diary fell off my bed, on to the floor and opened up to my poems page. I quickly dashed over and picked it up "what's that?" he asked "it's nothing" I said, putting my diary back on my bed then I turned to face him "why are you out there for?" I said "you have to invite me in" he said "I know" I said "come in" and he floated in through my window. He stood by my window as I walked over to him "do you forgive me?" he said looking into my eyes, but I looked away "don't do that" I said "don't do what?" he asked "trick me into forgiving you" I said "like you did last time, you don't need to trick me" "sorry" he said "it's fine" I said "and you know I forgive you!" then he stepped closer to me and we looked at eachother and then we kissed.

"Let's go outside" he said "ok" I said "great" he said already floating outside my window "I'll meet you by the front door very soon" I said "just wait there" so, I ran downstairs and out through the front door. Ollie stood there waiting for me and then we walked to the bench outside my house and sat on it. Just the two of us, the way we both liked it. Then he turned to me and smiled "are you ready?" as I nodded, he smiled once more showing me his sharp, pointy teeth and started to kiss my neck slowly then he opened his mouth-I could feel his fangs waiting. So gentle and caring the way he touched me, it felt like magic coming from our skins. It was so hard to believe that this boy sat next to me who I'd fallen in love with, was about to drain me out of life for good. Then he sank his fangs deep into my neck, as I tried really hard not to scream-I asked for this-there was no way I could go back on my word now. Soon I felt really faint and soon I dropped, he took his fangs out of my neck and stood up "thank you" he said and walked off without a second glance.

"Wait up" I said following him to the hooded spot, I felt really faint-but still I didn't let that put me off. "I'm leaving" he said "what?" I said "you can't leave, what about Rosie and where is Rosie?" "she already left" he said "she won't harm anyone if I'm there and I'm always there" "no" I said "your not going anywhere" and I looked around and then I spotted a piece of pointy wood on the ground, picked it up-walked over to him and held it to his chest. "Maggie, you know you won't" he said, he was right "but I love you" I said "don't that mean anything to you?" "you know it does" he said "but I really have to go" "where will you go?" I said "anywhere that's not here" he said "I spent too much time here already, now it's time for me to move on" tears filled up my eyes and splashed down my cheeks. I knew nothing I would say now would stop Ollie leaving "then go" I said "thank you so much for everything" he said and speeded off. I walked into the centre of the hooded spot and by now I was feeling really dizzy and faint. Then I just fainted "Magz?" I heard someone calling me and rushing to my side, but I couldn't move. "Magz?" said Lorna's voice helping me stand up and walking me home.

Lorna put me straight to bed as soon as we got home. I fell straight to sleep, but when I woke up hours later-I just couldn't stop crying. Lorna came into my room, I didn't even care if she knocked or not. She sat down on my bed beside me and put her arm around me "he left" I sobbed "him and Rosie left the hooded spot forever" "Oh, Magz" said Lorna "I'm sorry" "he doesn't love me" I cried and Lorna hugged me as I cried more.

Days later and Lorna started coming with me to the hooded spot at night again. Ollie broke my heart in more ways then he thought, but he will never claim my life.

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