Lover's bite

Love really is blind


6. Chapter Six

I knew that Ollie had attacked Rosie, but I didn't know he'd also made her a vampire too. "Rosie?" I said again standing up and walking slowly-like baby's footsteps over to the tree. It was really dark behind this tree, but still I kept looking. "Rosie Wolf?" I said "is that you, I just want to help-that's all" suddenly I heard footsteps behind me but when I looked there was nobody there. "Rosie?" I said again "just please, let me help you?" Suddenly I someone standing behind a tree, staring at me but it was so dark-I didn't even know if it was Rosie or not. "Rosie, is that you?" I said again-but suddenly that someone who was staring at me was shoved aside quite sharply and someone started to walk towards me. "Whoever you are" I said, scared out of my wits "just please stay away from me" "Maggie?" said the person's voice "Rosie?" I said suddenly Ollie stepped out of the dark "no" he said "it's me" "where's Rosie?" I asked "Rosie is dead" he said "you know that"  "but I thought..." I tried to say but he butted in "no" he said "she is not a vampire"

Ollie took me behind the rose bush and we sat and talked, Ollie called this bush his "secret spot" and when I asked why he said because it was a good place to think. "So, tell me" he said "why do you call this place the hooded spot?" "it wasn't the hooded spot when I first found it" I said "I found it by chance, when me and my family first moved here we didn't know anything about this area-but this one night me and my sister went for a walk. We were only meant to go as far as the front door but Lorna being Lorna, who never listens to anyone-not even me. She more or less dragged me to this place, she wanted to go here and whatever Lorna wants she gets. I didn't think much of this place when I first saw it, me and Lorna came here nearly everynight but one night she just suddenly stopped going and everytime I asked her she just said that's why or just leave it" Ollie listened to me in awe and hung on my every word. Then suddenly he asked me out of the blue "are you cold?" "it was cold that night" I said "I remember because I was wrapping my coat around me more tightly, but not Lorna-I guess she didn't feel the cold as much as I did" suddenly Ollie saw something out of the corner of his eye and jumped on to of me before I even knew what was happening, and he pinned me to the ground "Owww" I screamed "get off me, you're hurting me and I think I'm bleeding" "where?" he asked letting go off my arms. "My wrist" I said "it hurts" "Oh, I'm sorry" said Ollie gently picking up my wrist-then just like that and quick as a flash-he throw my arm back down on the ground. I looked at my wrist and sure enough, blood gushed out of it. I saw Ollie trying really hard not to look. "Bite it" I said "no" he said "go on" I said "I'm giving you permission" he looked straight at my wrist "are you sure you want me to?" he asked "yes" I said and suddenly his eyes turned black and he opened his mouth and his sharp, pointy fangs were waiting. He roughly grabbed my arm and sank his fangs deep into my wrist. I tried not to scream, because after all I asked for this. Suddenly as I looked that girl was standing behind the trees again, staring at me "Rosie?" I called trying to get up. But Ollie pinned me to the ground again and wasn't going to let me go. "Stop" I said starting to feel week but Ollie didn't stop "THAT'S ENOUGH" I screamed "GET OF ME" and suddenly Ollie stopped and his eyes went back to it's normal green colour. "I'm sorry" he said "I got a bit too carried away, I'm sorry. Are you ok?" "I just want to go home" I said as he got off me. We both stood up, I wobbled a bit so-Ollie held hold of me. "What have I done to you?" he said "I'm fine" I said "you are clearly not fine" he said "just let go off me" I said pulling away from him "I just want to go home" and walked away before he could stop me.

As soon as I got indoors. I was for once pleased to go to bed, but Lorna stopped me just as I was about to enter my bedroom "where have you been?" "out" I said covering my wrist with the sleave of my coat, then I went to bed.

I always wore long sleaved tops anyway so, that covered up my wrist and I always wore my red hair down so-that covered up the holes on my neck. I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and looked at the holes on my wrist and neck. I didn't care about Ollie's teethmarks on me because I think I was slowly falling in love with him.




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