Lover's bite

Love really is blind


7. Chapter Seven

I've tried fighting these feelings since the moment I first met him. I admit the very first time I met him, he scared me silly but he soon made up for that by giving me back my diary. Lorna suddenly bursted into my room, without knocking as usual "don't you knock?" I said "why" she said "what were you doing?" she looked around "have you got someone in here?" she teased "like who?" I said to which she didn't answer. I sighed "what do you want anyway?" "you know what I said to you before about a vampire hiding outside?" "Oh, here we go again" I said "no, listen" she said "just hear me out, I think I was wrong" "do you" I said "and why do you think that?" "well, just look at it this way" she said "if there was really a vampire about, don't you think he would killed me when he had a chance to?" that got me thinking then, why didn't he? "I'm just saying" said Lorna and walked out.

That night, I went to the hooded spot. Ollie wasn't there at first, but I could see that girl staring at me from behind the trees again "Ollie" I called "where are you?" the girl kept staring at me so, I tried calling her again "Rosie Wolf?" I said "I know that's you, come out and talk to me" and suddenly the girl started running towards me but just as she was about to reach me, Ollie suddenly darted out from the dark shadows, like the speed of lightening and grabbed hold of the girl and held her back "no" he told her "leave her" the girl's eyes were a dark black and her sharp, pointy fangs were waiting to bite. As I took in her blonde hair and red hairband, no doubt her eyes must be blue too. One of her trainers were missing showing of her sparkly pink toenails. Her dark, demin clothes were ripped and muddy. "Rosie" I said "is that really you?" "let me taste her" she asked Ollie "just one little taste" "no" said Ollie "but you do" she said "I saw you" "I said no" said Ollie "now just leave her alone" suddenly Rosie looked straight at me "little Maggie" she said "watch your back, because I'll be back for  you and unlike Ollie I won't stop until your dead" "just go away" Ollie told her quite sharply, roughly pushing her away "and don't come back" Rosie gave him an evil stare and wandered off.

Ollie looked at me "are you ok?" he asked "I will never let her hurt you, if that's what your worried about" "it's not her" I said "it's you, you lied to me-you told Rosie wasn't a vampire. Well, she clearly is a vampire from what I've seen" "I didn't want to tell you the truth" he said "because I did want you to be scared" "Oh" I said "so, that's make it all ok, does it?" "I'm sorry" he said walking closer to me "please forgive me" I wanted to run away as fast as I could, but being this close to Ollie made me feel safe and out of harm's way. "I forgive you!" I whispered then he touched my lips with his lips, and I just couldn't resist. We ended up kissing, but suddenly somebody shouted "MAGZ? ARE YOU HERE?" "Oh, no" I said "who is it?" asked Ollie "my sister" I said "Lorna" I looked straight at Ollie "run" I told him.

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