Lover's bite

Love really is blind


9. Chapter Nine

As soon as we reached the house, Lorna just charged in and stormed upstairs. "What have you done to your sister now?" asked mum looking at me "I didn't do anything" I said "she just don't understand me" and I stormed upstairs too. Me and Lorna stormed into our rooms and slammed the doors on eachother. But suddenly Lorna bursted into my room "there is such a thing as knocking" I said "Oh, just shut up" she said "do you really want to know why I won't go to that stupid hooded spot with you at night anymore?" I haven't asked her why in a long time so I said to her "I've given up asking" "it's because I kept seeing this guy staring at me, showing me his sharp, pointy teeth and now I know they were fangs and he was a vampire. Ollie" she said "he kept freaking me out, he freaked me so much that's why I never come to the hooded spot with you anymore-are you happy now that I told you?" "not really" I said "well, how much more do you want?" she said "I just told you why" "I want you to leave Ollie alone" I said "I can't do that" she said "why?" I asked "does he know you love him?" she asked "not yet" I said "but I'm going to tell him tonight" suddenly Lorna shook her head at me and said "no, you're not going to that hooded spot again tonight" "you can't stop me" I said "yes, I can" she said "I can lock you in your room" "I'll just climb out of the window" I said, Lorna sighed "there's no winning with you, is there?" "no" I said "come with me" "what?" she said "no way!" "please" I said "meet Ollie" "I already did" she said "meet him again" I said "then you tell me if he's harmless or not" at first she kept saying no but when I said please, just do it for me she sighed and said "Oh, fine but if there's one sign of trouble then I'm off"

That night, me and Lorna walked to the hooded spot. Ollie as usual wasn't here and I couldn't see Rosie lurking around anywhere either "no Ollie?" she said "right that's it, I'm off" "wait" I said "I just have to call him" Lorna sighed and waited "Ollie?" I called "it's me and my sister, she won't hurt you I promise" suddenly Ollie stepped up from behind the rose bush in the corner and I walked over to him "I sleep here in the day" he told me. Lorna stayed where she was, but suddenly before any of us could do anything-a girl suddenly speeded out from behind the trees and grabbed Lorna by her neck from behind her. "Maggie" she hissed into Lorna's ear "I told you I'll be back for you" "Rosie, don't" said Ollie "who the hell is Rosie?" said Lorna "shut up" snapped Rosie and gripped on to Lorna's neck more tightly. Lorna was too scared to move, suddenly Rosie's eyes turned black and her fangs came out and she was just about to bite Lorna's neck, when Ollie speeded up to Rosie and grabbed her and pulled her away from Lorna. I ran to Lorna's side "are you ok" I said but she shoved me off "you liar" she said "stay away from me" "who are you?" asked Rosie to Lorna "don't tell me I didn't get Maggie after all" "you forgot to tell me about Rosie" said Lorna to me "slipped your mind, did it?" "I'm sorry" I said "but Ollie did save your life" "Oh, and now am I supposed to thank him?" she said "I don't care, now are you coming home with me or not?" I looked at Ollie "I'm not" I said, Lorna sighed "fine" she said "just stay away from me, all of you" and she ran away.

Ollie still had hold of Rosie "let me go" she said "no" he said "your too out of control, you leave Maggie and Lorna alone from now on-ok?" "fine" she said "I promise" then he let her go and pushed her to the way of the trees "now, go away" he snapped and she wandered off.

Ollie looked at me and said without any caring to his voice "did you want something?" "I just wanted to tell you that..." I trailed off, could I really tell him that I loved everything about him? "well, what is it?" he said "come on, hurry up and tell me" "why are you in such a rush?" I asked "no reason" he said looking around "why?" I said again "just tell me" "because I'm hungry" he snapped "bite me, then" I said "no" he said "I don't want you" "but you can't kill more innocent people and turn them into someone like Rosie" I said "I'll do what I want" he said "but I love you" I said, then Ollie looked straight at me and said this without no caring to his voice "but I don't love you!" Lorna was right, he was just another vampire. "You're a monster" I said, my eyes filling up with tears and I ran away home-crying.

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