Lover's bite

Love really is blind


4. Chapter Four

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that maybe just maybe a vampire could exist. Lorna wasn't talking to me so, I went out and walked to the hooded spot-I had questions and only Ollie could give me the answers. But as I got to the hooded spot Ollie, again was nowhere in sight. But still that did not put me off, I sat on the rock and waited. "Ollie?" I called into the still air "I know you're in here, somewhere...but I just want to talk to you please" I looked around me it was getting colder now and I wrapped my coat around me more tightly. Suddenly I heard someone screaming from behind the trees towering overhead, I stood up quickly and looked around and suddenly a girl came running at me "HELP ME" she screamed "HELP ME" then she dropped down onto the ground, I kneeled down beside her and felt her pulse, she wasn't breathing then I noticed two holes on her neck-the same one Lorna has. Behind this girl's lovely blonde hair, she had a red hairband in her hair too-I pushed her hair to the side of her face and checked out her neck-I knew this girl was dead and she too was attacked by a vampire and there was only one vampire that I met.

Her blood was still fresh on her neck, I looked around me once more. Suddenly I felt something in the girl's pocket and reached in and pulled out her purse. Her purse was covered in cats and badges and mini photos of two other girls and her, in the middle of every photo. I opened her purse and a white piece of card was in the zip area, I pulled it out and I read that her name is Rosie Wolf. I sat back down on the rock, it was so quiet here. Then suddenly I heard something or someone creeping up behind me, I turned around slowly to have a look and suddenly a dark hooded monster jumped out at me-blood was dripping down it's chin-the monster was snarling at me with it's arms up and it's hands like claws. I ran like the wind, screaming but as soon as I reached the opening to the hooded spot somebody called my name "Maggie, wait!" I looked behind me and Ollie stood next to that poor girl-dead on the floor "it's only me" he said-then I realized the holes on her neck was made by a vampire and the only vampire I've ever met is Ollie "you killed her, didn't you?" I said pointing to the girl, Ollie looked down at the girl "I had no choice" he said "I've got to eat and I was hungry" "but why?" I said "you can't go around killing whoever you want" "and why not?" he said "who are you to tell me what I can't or can do?" "because it's not right" I said "Maggie" he said "I'm a vampire, it's what I do" "but can't you bite someone who I don't know...wants it?" I said "like who?" he said "me" I said quietly, I know this came out of the blue but I thought what would it be like to have a vampire to bite me? I knew it was hurt. But I was willing to take that chance. He looked at me as if I'd gone mad "are you sure?" he said, I nodded even though I wasn't so sure now. He walked right up to me and gently pushed my hair away from my neck, he opened his mouth and looked at me "are you sure you're sure?" he asked again and I nodded "yes" I said "just do it" so, then he didn't need telling twice-he sank his fangs into my neck. I tried my best not to scream, but I did scream. But my scream didn't put him off, he kept sucking my blood-he only just started and I was feeling fine though it did hurt a lot but then he suddenly stopped "is that all you need?" I asked "I had to stop" he said "if I took too much of your blood, then you will die" he turned his back to me and looked down at the poor dead girl "I'll ring a ambulance for her" I said "don't bother" he said "she won't need one" "what do you mean?" I said "just leave her to me" he said "and go away" "what?" I said "I SAID GO AWAY!" he shouted turning around with his hands like claws, showing me his bloody fangs. I looked at him-my heart pounding like a drum. I didn't bother screaming, I just ran.


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