Lover's bite

Love really is blind


5. Chapter Five

What was I doing?? I was believing in something that clearly I was mad to think that a boy for once liked me, instead of Lorna who got all the guys just by the snap of her fingers and-hang on...wait a second am I writing in my diary right now that I fancy Ollie. Oh, no I fancy a vampire!!! "who's Ollie?" said Lorna again loudly over my shoulder, but this time she didn't make me jump. I was too busy staring into space and thinking to care. I'm the one that scared her though, for a change. That night I ran home with my heart thumping like a drum inside my chest, after Ollie had scared me yet again by being all...vampire.

I ran inside the house and slammed the door shut behind me. I backed up against the door, gasping for breath. "What's wrong with you?" said Lorna standing at top of the steps. I ran up the steps and grabbed her by the shoulders "tell me everything you know" I said "about what?" she said trying to struggle free but I kept a firm hold "about vampires"I said "you know about them, you believe in them-just please I'm asking you just tell me everything you know" "Magz you're scaring me" she said which was a laugh but I didn't feel like laughing at the time. "Get off me" and she pulled herself free from me "what is wrong with you?" she said "get some help because believe I think you need it" she started to walk away "wait" I said "just please tell me everything you know" "I don't know anything" she said "just leave me alone, you freak!" and she went into her own bedroom and I went into mine.

Maybe I did scare her, she seamed scared anyway. I didn't mean to scare her I just needed to know what it is to know about vampires and Lorna at the time I thought knew the answers but I was wrong.

"He's nobody for you to know" I said now, looking at her in case she was wearing a dress again, but she wasn't. Lorna was always the pretty one with light, black silky straight hair and light, blue eyes. She always got the guys, even when we were in school. Just one snap of her fingers and all the boys come running like a moth to a flame. "Why are you always spying on me?" I said "I'm not always spying on you" she said "where did you get that idea from?" "Hmmm, I wonder" I said looking at her again, I realized she was wearing a light, blue fluffy top with black little birds on it-spreading their wings. "Is that my top?" I said, she smiled "I didn't think you'd mind" she said, I sighed but then again-I was used to Lorna nicking my clothes without asking. "I don't" I said "it's fine"

That night I walked to the hooded spot, just to make sure it was safe. I haven't seen Ollie for two days and Rosie, that poor dead girl had just seemed to have vanished. But I think Ollie is wandering the streets killing more people and there is nothing I can do to stop him. I sat on the rock and I pulled out my diary. I wrote another poem about Ollie...

I can't believe I like this guy

Whom doesn't see

That I should be

The one he always sees

Just because he is dead

Doesn't mean I can't be his

Wow, I really had it bad for this boy. I knew nothing about him, all I knew was his name. But still that didn't stop me thinking about him all the time. Suddenly I heard the tree branches breaking and I felt like I was being watched. "Ollie, is that you?" I said looking at the tree, but it wasn't Ollie. It was a girl with blonde hair and a red hairband "Rosie?" I said but then as soon as I said that name, she ran away.


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