Lover's bite

Love really is blind


8. Chapter Eight

"Why do I have to run?" he said "because my sister will know who you are if she see you" I said "please run away" but it was too late "who's he?" asked Lorna behind me stepping into the hooded apot as Ollie was just about to walk away. "I don't know" I lied "but he's just leaving" Ollie tried walking away again "wait" said Lorna "who are you?" so, Ollie made the mistake of turning around to face her "Hi" he said and Lorna must have known who he was straightaway "stay back" she said standing in front of me and pulling out a cross and shoving it front of Ollie's face "I warn you, I'm armed" "where did you get that?" I asked "ever since I knew there's a vampire hiding out here. Well, you remember that Holiday mum took us on and I spotted this funky little shop selling everything and..." "you tried to make me go in with you" I said "yes, I remember" I said "stay back" Lorna again as Ollie tried to step closer and hissing at the cross "and what's your point?" I said "well, when you wouldn't come in with me I went in myself and bought this cross" "I never seen it before" I said "no, because I never got a chance to use it before" she said "but now I have" "keep that cross away from me" Ollie hissed, backing away. "Lorna, don't" I said "he's harmless-he won't hurt us" Lorna laughed "yeah, right" she said "and...wait a second" she looked closer at him "I thought so" she said " he's the vampire who attacked me. I knew I just knew there was a vampire out here somwhere" "you admited you were wrong about that" I said "well, I was wrong" she snapped "because clearly he is a vampire" "I won't hurt you" hissed Ollie "just take that cross away or I'll take it off you" "just try it" said Lorna taking out a wooden stake from her coat pocket "and see what happens" "where the hell did you get fhat from now?" I said "same place as I got the cross" she said "Lorna, stop it" I said pushing her arm down, myself "he won't hurt us" "and do you honestly believe that?" asked Lorna "Magz, he's a vampire and vampires kill" "you told me" I said "if he wanted to kill you, he would have done when he had the chance to"

"Maggie?" said Ollie started to walk towards me "are you ok?" "stay away from her" shouted Lorna jumping in front of me and showing him the cross right to his face. He hissed and backed away sharply "fine" he growled "but I'll be back" then he speeded off behind the very dark trees.

"Thanks a lot, Lorna" I said "why do you care if he's gone or not" she said but when I didn't answer, she suddenly twigged "you knew he was here, didn't you?" she said "and you like him, how could I be so stupid??? No wonder you stopped me from killing him and you told me you didn't believe in vampires" "I'm sorry" I said quietly "we'll have to set up a plan" she said "for what?" I said "well, we'll have to catch him and kill him" she said "no" I said "yes, Magz he's a vampire and he has to die" "who says he does" I said "just leave him alone and he'll leave you alone" "why are you protecting him?" she asked "because I love him" I said too quietly, she couldn't even hear me "what?" she said "speak up" "because I love him" I said again loudly. Lorna bursted out laughing "get a grip, Magz" she said "you can't love a vampire and he won't even love you back" "how would you know?" I said "because his heart doesn't beat" she snapped "trust you to fall in love with a dead guy" "say all you want" I said "but I'm not going to hunt him down and kill him and neither are you" "you can't tell me what to do" she said "I just did" I said, she gave me a evil stare "just don't come crying to me when he tried to kill you" she said and walked off. I looked around the hooded spot, to see if I could spot Ollie lurking in the shadows. But when I couldn't, I slowly followed Lorna home.



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