Lover's bite

Love really is blind


1. Chapter One

We sat down together on the bench outside my house, just the two of us just the way we both liked it. Then he turned to me and smiled, showing me his bloody fangs "are you ready?" he whispered into my ear, so gentle and caring the way he touched me, it felt like magic coming from our skins. It was so hard to believe that this boy sat next to me that I'd fallen in love with, was about to drain me of my life for good. As I nodded and took a deep breath, he smiled once more and started to kiss my neck slowly then he opened his mouth-I could feel his fangs waiting-then he sank his sharp, pointy fangs deep into my neck. As I tried really hard not to scream, I asked for this-there was no way I could go back on my word now. I felt really faint and soon I dropped, he took his fangs out of my neck and stood up "thank you" he said and walked off without a second glance.

Hi, my name is Maggie. I didn't believe in ghosts, vampires, warewolfs, faires or any of that kind. When I was younger I used to believe in the tooth fairy, Santa and even the Easter bunny. But now that I'm older I can see now that it was all just fairy tales and life has no happy endings. "What are you writing?" asked my sister, Lorna over my shoulder I slammed my dairy shut quick "nothing" I said-a little too quick "don't lie" she kept on "you were writing something, I saw you!" "I'm not writing anything" I said "just go away" "fine" said Lorna "be like that" and she stormed of in a huff.

Me and Lorna weren't the best sisters in the world, but we hardly had a row or a fight. We just...didn't.

That night everything changed, I don't even know if it was for the better or the worst. I went for a walk, it was getting dark by the time I left the house but I didn't care. I walked to the Hooded spot, the hooded spot is just a dark ish spot of woods with big trees towering overhead and rose bushes in the corner and a light, grassy rock for me to sit on. I always come here to get away and write in my diary in piece. I dug into my pocket and pull out my torch and shone it on my diary page, but as I picked up my pen I heard a noise coming from the rose bushes. "Who's there?" I said, shining my torch at the bushes but then my torch started flickering on and off "great" I said hitting the end of my torch, but it was no use my torch needed new batteries and it died on me. I put my torch back into my pocket but then I suddenly heard the noise again. "Hello" I said, standing up and walking over to to the bushes slowly "is anybody there?" I stepped a bit closer, then suddenly without any warning as the noise began to get louder and louder, A some sort of monster suddenly jumped out, making my heart skip a beat or quite a few beats. I screamed as this monster bared it's sharp, pointy teeth at me, it's clothes were dirty and ripped-blood was dribbling down it's chin-it's eyes were glowing a dark green-like cat's eyes. It's black trainers were black and grey with dirt, muck and mad. It stared at me but it didn't move. Even it's fingertips had blood dripping from it. I ran as fast as I could, I heard footsteps running behind me but I didn't dare look back. My heart was pounding like a little drum inside my chest. I ran all the way home. "What's up with you?" said Lorna, as I slammed the front door shut behind me. I didn't answer her and just ran upstairs. I threw nyself on my bed and hid under the covers-I had to write this down but as I reached for my diary which I always kept in my pocket-it wasn't there. Then I realised I left it at the hooded spot and there was no way I was going back there.

But that night again, as I was in my bed. Thinking about that monster I saw, how could he looked more like a human boy rather then a monster? But yet he looked so scary. Suddenly I heard tapping at my window "Lorna, stop messing about" I said but when she didn't answer me, I got out of bed and walked slowly to my window as the tapping got louder. I pulled my curtains apart, stepped back and almost screamed the place down. There floating outside my window was the monster, himself. But now to me he was just a boy, who could somehow fly-maybe he was dead? He tapped my window again I opened it, slighty as he smiled "Hi" he said Oh, so he speaks human I thought. "Hi?" I said back "I'm Ollie" he said "and you dropped this, Maggie" and he handed me my diary "how do you know my name?" I said "it says so on your diary" he said "Maggie's diary, isn't that correct?" "and how do you know this diary is mine?" I said "well, you're the only girl who ran away from me screaming" he said "that was you?" I said "I'm sorry I scared you" he said "I really did mean to" "it's fine" I said turning around to put my diary on my bed-but when I looked back at my window-Ollie was gone. I ran to my window and looked out but he was nowhere in sight. Maybe he flew off. I was confused so, I closed my window and went back to bed. 


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