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( your in 2nd grade, around 8/9 years old)

"FOUR EYES , FOUR EYES , YOU NEED GLASSES TO SEE!!" ( cloudy with a chance of meatballs:P) They all pointed and shout at me at play time. I ran to the bathrooms and locked my self in there. I kept crying and crying till I heard a teacher call all the students to go back into the classroom. Slowly, I crept out of the bathroom and went to my classroom. Everyone stared at me like I was a walking piece of trash. Who knows, maybe I was. When I arrived home, I was greeted with a strange boy I have never seen." Hello. I'm Liam." I just waved hi to him and continued to walk to my house crying." What's wrong?" He asked with a soft fragile voice." Nothing just please leave me alone." "But I want to help you. Where do you live?" " I live right here" I said pointing to the house right in front of me. Liam smiles and then says," I live right next to you. Let me just tell my mom I will be at your house." Liam left and came back in three minutes," she said yes." Me and Liam walked into my house, not knowing this would be the start of a new friendship.


Sorry if this is short and took long to write, I was going to a bunch of places over the weekend and wasn't able to write because I wrote this in the car ride to school. This story will not take place in second grade but in high school I just wrote his so you understand better how it started... Whale hoped you liked it and I will update soon!!!-Stephanie( ^ω^ )

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