Bo is schizophrenic. That means: she hears voices. She sees things no one else sees. But what's real and what's not real?
And how can she tell the difference?


3. Plastic Petals

The sun beat down on me as I sat on the black seat of the school bus, the slick fabric making my thighs stick to the seat. I licked my chapped lips and rested my head against the window and the bumps in the road made my forehead slam against it.

"Hello," I heard a voice whisper in my ear. I knew it was probably Casper as no one ever sat next to me. A ghost sitting next to me was more probable than an actual human being. I looked around and saw him sitting there, his face pale and not flushed despite the heat of the day.

"How are you not sweaty?" I asked him, glancing around at the other children who didn't even look our way.

"I'm never sweaty," he answered, yet he did not answer why he was not. He had a habit of not answering directly, I believe. He handed me a small plastic daisy, and I took it, twirling it between my fingertips.

"It's pretty," I finally said, and it wasn't a lie really. It was pretty. It just wasn't alive. Were alive things more pretty just because they are alive?

"I thought it was interesting," he told me, pointing to the plastic petals. "Because it is a dead thing that is pretending to be alive."

"Like you?" I asked, tilting my head.

"And yet you are an alive thing pretending to be dead." He said with a small smile, crossing his arms over his chest and slumping down into his seat.

"I suppose so," I said with a shrug. He didn't disappear this time, we just sat in silence, staring ahead. The bus came to my stop and I stood, slinging my backpack over my shoulder.

"Do you go to this school?" I asked him before I left.

"I did," he said. I nodded and got off the bus, my shoes digging into the gravel and I pulled my fist across my forehead, the sweat making my baby hairs stick against my face. I watched him in the bus as I left and saw as he faded without a trace of him ever being there before- but no one noticed.

"Did you make any friends?" Landon asked, handing me a bag of chips today.

"Yes," I said, opening the bag. He looked very proud. I didn't say that the person I was friends with haunted our house.

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