Bo is schizophrenic. That means: she hears voices. She sees things no one else sees. But what's real and what's not real?
And how can she tell the difference?


2. Ghost Boy

"Did you make any new friends?"

I had just gotten home from school. Landon always asks me that. And I always say the same things, which is, "No."

He sighed and handed me a cookie as I sat on the counter.

"You should really try to make some friends, Bo." That's kind of hard when everyone is plotting against you. But all I said was, "yeah." He sighed again. He had been sighing a lot lately. I bit into the cookie, chewing and swallowing but not really tasting. I wonder what makes things taste good? Really it's just the idea that it tastes good that makes it so good. I set the cookie on the napkin. It didn't seem all that fantastic anyway.

Landon set up my swing set so that it looked out to the forest behind out house. He knew I liked the woods and trees. I kicked my feet into the grass, making me go higher up into the air. I looked to the side and saw another boy on the swing, staring up at me. He had curly dirty blond hair and brown eyes, watching me swing back and forth with interest. My feet dug into the ground and I came to a quick halt and stared back, my swing still swaying slightly. But I wasn't afraid of him. I was just curious.

"Are you the one playing the music box at night?" I asked him after a while. He shrugged.

"Well, I like music.." He said to me, but he didn't answer the question. We both sat there for a few moments, swaying back and forth in our swings.

"I'm dead," he said, holding out his hand.

"I'm kind of alive," I said, shaking it.

"So you're kind of dead too?" He asked, dropping my hand. I shrugged.

"I guess so." I said, starting to swing again.

"My name is Casper." He said, swinging beside me.

"So you're like the friendly ghost?" I asked.

"Something like that, yeah," he answered, giving me a smile, and then disappearing without a trace. I slowed and watched the swing he was just sitting in drop limply from it's height.

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