The death of humanity

It started with bionic limbs, then bionic organ transplants, then more.... Some people are fully bionic. Superhuman you could say. There are only few that are part human, and I, Alexus Monroe, am one of them.......
My arms and legs where tied and I could barely move without falling over. The man towers over me holding something In his hand.
"This won't hurt a bit" he whispered grinning evilly. I tried to scream but there was tape over my mouth. It came out as a grunt. He injected the chip In my wrist. Suddenly, I started to feel funny.
"What did you do do me?" I growled as the world started spinning and I collapsed onto the ground. My head was pounding. He didn't answer my question, he just laughed at me. That's the last thing I saw before I blacked out.


4. The boss

Chapter 3

The Boss

Jonathan started running back the way he had come. I Have no idea what to do so I follow him. In about 5 min, we reached a dumpster. He walks behind the smelly thing and I unwillingly follow.

"Jonathan this is a dumpster what are we doing here?" I ask covering my nose, shielding it from the horrid smell.

"Just wait" he whispers.

I roll my eyes and begin to think he had gone insane, then he pulls a tarp away to reveal something. It is something amazing. A motorcycle. In your time, they may be a part of daily life, but now, these are very expensive and rare. Especially in new York.

"Jonathan! You have a motorcycle?" I gasp and examine the beautiful machine. It is a deep blue color with large (probably loud) Shiny, silver mufflers.

I am so flabbergasted I only ask one question, "How?"

"As an agent of the HDLA" he says with pride, "I have to be able to get around fast"

He smiles at my amazed expression. He has a helmet that matches his bike, and he puts it on.

"watch this" he says sneakily, "camo" he says into his watch. The whole motorcycle, and his helmet go camo. If we where in the forest it would be completely hidden.

"Cool" is all I am able to say. He lifts up the seat, there is a storage compartment underneath the seat. He pulls out a hot pink helmet and puts it on my head.

"Lets go see the boss" he grins and hops on his bike. The engine roars as he starts it up. I clamber onto the back of the bike, and hold tight onto his waist.

Through the helmets we can talk my radio. This is so cool. I see little pictures and things in the corner of my eye. Being a HDLA agent is going to be a lot of fun...

"Ready?" he asks through the radio, turning his head toward me slightly.

"uhhh.... Sure" I say uneasily.

He zooms off anyway. I shriek and I hear a grunt come over the radio.

"Geez Lex... not so loud your going to burst my eardrums" he chuckles.

"Your fault, you should have turned the sound down" I say back.

"Whatever" he mumbles, defeated.

I giggle and rest my head on his back. He takes a sharp turn and I tighten my grip on his waist to avoid falling off.

"Jonathan!" I whine.

He chuckles, "What....did I do something?" he pretends to be clueless.

"Shut up" I say and lay my head on his back again.

I wish it could always be like this. Not caring what the world thinks, and not paying attention to the destruction that's has befallen the earth. I wish we never had to worry about the end of humanity but it was an ongoing worry for all humans and partial humans. None of us wanted to kill, or fight, but we had to, unless be wanted the world to become captive to "the gone" But, now, as part of HDLA I could at least avenge the deaths of my parents, and get revenge, for the loss of limbs for me and Jonathan. And of course, save humanity.

Jonathan's voice pulls my out of my thoughts, "We're here"

I look up and the small building we have stopped at.

"So this is 200blackbird?" I ask.

"Yup" he nods and takes off his helmet. I do the same and hang it on the handle bar next to Jonathan's.

The building a small run down coffee shop. Jonathan walks inside and I follow.

I don't understand what I'm supposed to do so I just follow him wherever he goes. He goes to the place where you order and He shows the cashier his watch. The cashiers right eye glows red for a second. So short I almost missed it.

"John, long time no see" he says shaking Jonathan's hand.

"Ah same for you, Kern" Jonathan says back.

John? He called Jonathan John? they must know each other really well, I don't even call him John, and I'm like his sister.

Kern hands Jonathan and me coffee and we sit down at a table. After a few min. A man sits across from us.

"It this the girl?" the man asks.

Jonathan nods and I smile because I don't know what else to do.

"We've been watching you for a long time Ms. Monroe. We believe you are perfect for the job" The man says in his deep and husky voice.

Watching me? Cool... cuz that's not creepy at all....

Jonathan elbows me.

"Oh, uh yes of course sir.... thank you sir." I answer.

He hands Jonathan a rather large and heavy black backpack that I did not see earlier.

"This has everything in it" he says simply as he stands up, "Train her well Agent Z" he says before walking away.

Agent Z? John? There's a lot that I don't know, but I'm going to find out. There's no reason to hold back any secrets now.

Without another word Jonathan stands up and walks out with me still following him everywhere he goes. He puts the backpack in the "under the seat" compartment. He puts his helmet on and starts up the motorcycle again. I climb on with less difficulty this time and he takes off.

"So.... what was that?" I inquire as we barrel down the road.

"I will explain everything when we get to your house" he says.

"Why not now?" I complain.

"Because" he answers A little bit harsh.

I shrug it off and lay my head on his back again. The motorcycle is fast, and we get to my house really quickly. He parks and we both dismount his beautiful bike.

I go up 3 flights of stairs (to the third floor) and go to my apartment. I unlock the door and swing it open. It sends a loud creak through the hallway and I sigh. My apartment was bought by my parents, and handed down to me when they died. It was really cramped with the 3 of us, but now it was just me. It was really lonely at times but I'm use to it now.

I lived in one of the poorer areas of new York. Basically its one of the bas neighborhoods. The place where you only feel safe indoors. A place where you always have to look behind your back to make sure your not being followed.

My apartment is old, creaky, and dusty but its better than no shelter. I walk in and sit on my familiar old green couch and invite Jonathan to sit next to me.

He sets the bag between us.

"If you have any questions, now would be a good time to ask." he tells me.

"So who's Kern? And why did he call you John?" I ask. I have so many questions bouncing around in my mind but this one comes out first.

"He's my brother....."

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