The death of humanity

It started with bionic limbs, then bionic organ transplants, then more.... Some people are fully bionic. Superhuman you could say. There are only few that are part human, and I, Alexus Monroe, am one of them....... My arms and legs where tied and I could barely move without falling over. The man towers over me holding something In his hand. "This won't hurt a bit" he whispered grinning evilly. I tried to scream but there was tape over my mouth. It came out as a grunt. He injected the chip In my wrist. Suddenly, I started to feel funny. "What did you do do me?" I growled as the world started spinning and I collapsed onto the ground. My head was pounding. He didn't answer my question, he just laughed at me. That's the last thing I saw before I blacked out.


6. Secrets and Answers

Chapter 4

Secrets and answers

"Brother?" I ask shocked, "You have a brother and you never told me?!"

"I wanted to Lex! Believe me I did!" he responds in a pleading tone.

"Than why didn't you? I'm like your sister Jonathan!" I shouted standing up and waving my bionic arm in front of him. We became really close after the explosion and I had lived with him and his parents for a few months. "Why would you keep this from me?"

"I wasn't aloud to tell you!" his quivering voice echoes in my head.

"WHY? Why Jonathan?! No more secrets, ok?." I Plead "From now on we tell each other everything" I say in a calmer tone.

"ok" he sighs and sits back down. I also return to where I was sitting and he begins to talk,

"My brother he's..... he's Part of the HDLA and he's almost fully robot" Jonathan explains

A wave of guilt washes over me. I never knew. But he can't be one of the gone.... "Is he-...?" I ask.

Jonathan shakes his head no, "Not one of the gone, But he is almost fully bionic. He has a brain programmed my the HDLA. He is a robot who works for them... His brain is sorta the computer for the HDLA. He is their computer....There's actually 25 people's brains who form the HDLA computer. They are stationed all around the world."

"So that was the red glow I saw" I assume.

"That was his 'brain' reading a chip in my watch so they know if its an agent, or just a customer" he explains.

"Your agent Z?" I ask

"The new agent z..." he mumbles

"What? New agent Z?" I ask confused.

"My Dad.... he was agent z. He died last week trying to save a couple of human kids from an explosion... he's gone." He says in a quiet and quivery voice.

"I'm sorry" I whisper laying my head on Jonathan's shoulder.

"You are going to resume my old position, as Agent S016" He tells me.

"Why do you get an easy name?" I complain

"I don't get to choose" he holds his hands up in surrender.

I giggle. My eyes fall upon the black back and I am intrigued by it. I cant help but want to know what's inside it. I cant wait to know its contents.

"Soooo" I sing nonchalantly.

"You want to know what's in the bag don't you" Jonathan asks with a grin.

Dang he knows be too well.

"Maybe...." is my answer.

He chuckles and picks up the black backpack.

The first thing he pulls out is a....


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