The death of humanity

It started with bionic limbs, then bionic organ transplants, then more.... Some people are fully bionic. Superhuman you could say. There are only few that are part human, and I, Alexus Monroe, am one of them.......
My arms and legs where tied and I could barely move without falling over. The man towers over me holding something In his hand.
"This won't hurt a bit" he whispered grinning evilly. I tried to scream but there was tape over my mouth. It came out as a grunt. He injected the chip In my wrist. Suddenly, I started to feel funny.
"What did you do do me?" I growled as the world started spinning and I collapsed onto the ground. My head was pounding. He didn't answer my question, he just laughed at me. That's the last thing I saw before I blacked out.


1. intro


People such as army men, people involved in accidents, or people born without limbs where disabled. Smart people, scientisest, created bionic limbs for them. It was all well and good, honestly it was a big help to those who lost their limbs

Then, organ problems became more frequent. The scientist created bionic organ transplants. People no longer dies so often, it was good. But then it went to far. People where becoming fully bionic. Losing all humanity and control. A lot of people now are like this. They are called "the gone" The they are still there, their mind was still alive, it's just.... Different......

I, Alexus Monroe (or Lex) am one of the people left who are the most human like. I have a bionic left leg (because it was blown off in a bomb attack) and a bionic left arm. (Because of the same attack)

The only other part of the that is bionic is my right lung (because I was born with an issue) but other than that, I have had no unessicary transplants/ surgeries. I am almost human.

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