Delaroth has spent all eternity shrouded in loneliness. What he seeks is his Fated One. Will the journey to find her be easy as it sounds? [Cover by Bathroom Singer]----------------------------------------Oh Yellow Rating for the swear words, I think.


2. Chapter One


He sighed. Looking at his kinsmen with their fated ones, he felt envious. He was jealous.

It was his day of appraisal, the day of celebration of his hundredth victory over the Demons. Yet, it felt like a loss.

He had lived for five thousand years and yet, he was alone.

He longed for a companion. His Fated One.

He longed for a touch of compassion, someone to call his own.

His own parents had cast him off, for such was the tradition. He had defied the words of his father and the price was exile. In his exile, he had grown stronger and wiser, but the rage of revenge still burned his heart.

Illumatus, his teacher had taught Delaroth everything he knew. Delaroth had not only become a warrior, but he had progressed as a vampire. Nobility, kindness, love for kinsmen and protector of all, had grown under the tutelage of Illumatus.

Illumatus was the only person, Delaroth truly respected. As for his social life, he had never cast his eyes on any vampire girl or lady, in his exile.

He was well built and of a tall frame. He had inherited his mother’s blonde hair and his father’s cold grey eyes. He was admired by the males and adored by the ladies. He had received hundreds of love letters and confessions in his three hundred year exile, but he did not care. He did not have time for that. His obsession with growing stronger isolated him as a person; but that didn’t stop the ladies from pining after him.

He had no regrets about making no companions. At least he thought so. The only regret he harbored was Illumatus did not join Delaroth in his kingdom, when he overthrew his father.

Being the responsible and understanding student, Delaroth did not impress upon Illumatus more than what was required.

Shaking away the thoughts, his eyes fell upon the Oracle’s assistant making his way towards him in a hurry. Dodging everyone around him, he quickly found his place beside the King.

“Highness,” Severus, the oracle’s assistant, whispered between breaths. “There have been sightings.”

“More Demons?” he asked in astonishment. He had just defeated the last batch of Demon rebels on his kingdom. Did the Demonarchy have more rebels in his land? The thought angered him, but then relaxed; he could take on another batch of Demons.

“No, my lord,” he shook his head. He eyed the Vampire King with suppressed excitement.

“Then what, vampire?” he implored, glaring at the poor assistant. The Vampire King known for his nobleness and his short-temper; was also a highly curious vampire, who did not enjoy secrets.

“His highness’s Fated One has been sighted, my lord,” he smiled, oblivious to the King’s impending anger.

The King’s eyes softened and if his heart could beat, it would have beaten uncontrollably.

How he longed for this day to arrive. It wasn’t desperation, rather loneliness and lack of companionship that made him seek out his Fated One. He had many kinsmen, who swore absolute fealty to him- in blood. However, none of them could take away the loneliness of the Vampire King.

With a half-hidden smile, he informed one of his men of his early departure and apologies to the guests and with hidden excitement, Severus guided him to the Oracle.

Maybe, the King would finally have his Queen, his Fated One.

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