Louis sister

Abi has been with her abusive boyfriend mark for nearly 4 years and has no friends. Also she is Louis Tomlinson's sister who he forgot about her when one direction took off. So when Abi runs away who can she go to? And who does she meet?
(Contains violence and swearing)


4. chapter 4

Abi's P.O.V


I told the police everything, the abuse, the starving, the forced labour and rape they were shocked and gave me a card for help dealing with it. "When you leave can you ask the boys outside to come in please?" I asked the officers "yea sure Abigail". The boys soon came in and Louis ran up to me hugging me because I had tears down my face. "Louis you can stop hugging me now" I said to him "yea sorry" he said looking a bit sheepish. "We respect your privacy so if you don't want to tell us what happened we understand." Louis said in a very caring way. "Okay" I said as a whisper. "Wait weren't there five of you?" I asked louis "oh yea Niall was hungry so he went to the food court" Louis replied

The doctors said that I can leave the hospital tomorrow but I will have to stay with Louis.

----------next morning----------

Louis left the room whilst I got changed into the clothes he bought with him. There was a pair of dark denim skinny jeans. A blue vest, a blue top decorated with butterflies, one of his jumpers and sunglasses the last two so people won't see my face. As I walked out the room he asked " you ready?" "Yea" I replied. As we made our way down the corridor louis said"Umm when we get out there might be some fans so just stay close to me. The rest of the boys are in the car because they want to get to know you also I got you this". He handed me an I phone 5S " I found a SIM card in your rucksack so I put it in the phone if you don't mind." " no I don't and thank you so much" I squealed while hugging him. He just laughed and mumbled something about anything for me. Louis singed the release papers, as soon as we stepped out flashes came from all around and louis held me protectively as I had my head down. Screams were heard from all around me but I was used to it at concerts in my early teenager years. The car it was a seven seater and louis had called shotgun whilst a man drove. I was sat at the very back next to Niall I think, he kept trying to make a conversation with me but I did not really help with it. All my attention was in my phone texting my friends and family telling that I was okay my friends asked were I was going to be living. Louis said that we were living at 35 manor lake road. Since it was only the morning my friends said that they would take me out shopping then to a club to catch up. As we got out the car there house was very big "woah nice house" I said " do you like all love together?" I asked " yes, we do" I think henry replied or was it Harry oh well. Louis showed me to my room it was very big it had an on suit bathroom. I got changed from louis stuff . There was some clothes in the wardrobe so I put on a pink hoodie. About five minutes later there was a knock on the door and I heard Liam answer and it was my friends. They put up an argument until I came downstairs they waved at me and shoved past Liam to hug me. "Byeeee" I shouted as I left Liam just stood there shocked, most likely at my friends clothes they were a bit revealing but I like her style.

Louis P.O.V

"Byeeee" I heard abi shout I rushed down stairs to see a convertible leave the drive and Liam stood in the doorway "what's going on?" I half shouted at him . "Abi went out" he replied "with who?" "Her friends" Liam said back the he walked away. I was going to find her good thing I put a tracker in her phone.

Abi's P.O.V

My friends and I were sat in Costa after having my hair dip dyed blond laughing and having fun until a angry Louis stormed through the door. He spotted me instantly and came over and said quite angrily" what the hell are you doing." Seeing as I am a very sarcastic person I replied with " sitting in Costa" which was not a good move " I can see that" he replied spitefully. "We are going home right now" he said " hold on you might be going home but I'm not." I replied standing up my friends were used to my temper and carries on watching. " excuse me" he said " I said I am staying" I said " what are you even doing?" he asked " hanging out with my friends because I have not seen them for ages" I said " you haven't seen me for ages but you don't want to spend time with me" he replied a bit hurt " how did you find me?" I asked " if you must know your phone" he replied angrily I was outraged " well you did not want to spend time with me I said Whaley walking past him. He grabbed my wrist a little to hard but I did not show pain. I yanked my wrist from his grip and purposely dropped the phone he have me on my way out.

I ran out the mall through the town it was only two but I found a bar open and had a drink , then another until I was a bit tipsy it was about 9 now and a man approached me and tried to chat me up then took me to a corner were it was quiet. I kept refusing him and then as I walked away he turned me around and his hand came in contact with my face the whispered " don't refuse me bitch" he words do not affect me then I trod on his foot, he bent over in pain then i kneed him in the gut and shoved him to the ground and ran out the bar. My face stung as the cold wind hit my face, my limbs quickly turning numb so I did what i do best and ran back to louis house. As I got in I ran upstairs and locked the door with louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam knocking asking me to open up I shouted no through sobs then went to the bathroom and dried up my tears. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the glint of a razor. No I told myself I said I would never do it again but my hand still reached out and grabbed it then...

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