Louis sister

Abi has been with her abusive boyfriend mark for nearly 4 years and has no friends. Also she is Louis Tomlinson's sister who he forgot about her when one direction took off. So when Abi runs away who can she go to? And who does she meet?
(Contains violence and swearing)


3. chapter 3

Abi's P.O.V

My eyes felt sore and all my body ached, but as soon as I opened my eyes white light blinded me but I blinked it out. I looked round, I was obviously in a hospital because of the machines and room also it smells of disinfectant. In the corner there was a sleeping louis who looked really bad. I pressed the button for the nurse to come she came in and saw that I was awake and called a doctor. Louis woke up when the doctor came in and his eyes lit up when he saw that I was awake. The doctor said I was fine and could leave in 2 days because they have to monitor me to make sure everything is fine and all that. Once everyone was gone Louis came over to my bed and said "I was so worried, I never knew leaving would change you this much. I asked management and they said that you can come along but no monkey business. And only if you want to" then he hugged me.

Louis P.O.V

I then hugged her, but she just stayed still then said " I don't know Louis I mean...it's just... I haven't seen you for so long and I don't know your band members." It's okay you can meet my band members I'm sure they will like you" I said hopefully "actually they are outside" I said whilst running out the room. Once I got out the room they were all sat there looking at me hopefully because they came to management with me to ask if Abigail can come as well. "Well" Niall said with food in his mouth. " I want you to meet her but be gentle" I blurted out with excitement. " okay come on lads" Liam said enthusiastically they them walked through the door.

Abis P.O.V

I was sat up in bed since Louise ran out saying something then in came four other men who I don't know. As they walked in I whispered " and this day ACTUALLY gets worse" "pardon" one of them said " oh er nothing" I replied obviously not interested in them. Louis then came in afterwards I look at him with and look on my face saying really?. After a couple of seconds which felt like hours one of them said I am Liam pointing at himself. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He then elbowed the one next to him who said I am Zyan, he had black hair and dark coloured eyes. Next was a guy called Harry who had green eyes with brown curly hair. The last was Niall who had blond hair with brown roots and blue eys. And I already knew Louis. "How are you feeling?" Liam,I think, asked me. " I've been better, thanks" I replied. Luckily after that the police came in they started asking me things, the boys just stood there intrigued of what I was going to say I was just speechless. "Okay I am mr. Pole, and this is me Jed the police officer said." " what is this mans name?" Mr pole asked me while showing a photo of him easy, I thought "his name is Mark deans" they asked me other simple questions like how old is he how long have you known him and all that stuff. Whatever I said mr. Jed wrote down on a note pad sometimes asking me "how do you spell that" or "is that in this country".The boys just stood there listening. Soon they started getting into depth with their questions like," why did you go with him" or " do you remember why you were on the streets" the mr. Jed suddenly asked me " what did he do to you?" I just sat there remembering what he actually did.

-------------Flash Back-----------

I was sitting in Marks basement starving, crying and nearly asleep the front door slamming soon made me sit up. I was in pain from last night when Mark was drunk again and he had hurt me. Abigail he called creepily opening the basement door. He walked down eyeing me up and down I was wearing a pair of high waisted shorts and a white crop top. They were now dirty and smelly. Mark came down and put his hand on my cheek, I flinched he smirked and started taking my clothes of. I did not retaliate because I was too weak. He then took his cloths of... By the end of the night he had rapped me and left me on the floor naked. He had taken my cloths and left me a very revealing, purple strapless body-con dress

--------flash back ends-----------

Everyone noticed that i had zoned out as soon as my flash back ended I was on this verge of tears and asked if I could tell the police in private. With that the boys left my hospital room.

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