Louis sister

Abi has been with her abusive boyfriend mark for nearly 4 years and has no friends. Also she is Louis Tomlinson's sister who he forgot about her when one direction took off. So when Abi runs away who can she go to? And who does she meet?
(Contains violence and swearing)


2. chapter 2

Abi's P.O.V

I just stood there shocked looking my brother in the eye for the first time in about 4 years. We are only 2 years apart but when he left i turned into a rebel. It hit me hard that he was never coming back. Ever since then I dressed a bit like a slut I wore short shorts, crop tops, low cut tops, the thing I had which covered me up the most was skinny jeans. My parents were disappointed in me I always had a boyfriend and I always died my hair when we broke up, the longest relationship I ever had was nearly a month. My grades went down the highest grade I got was c's in music and dance which I love because I am a good dancer and music talent runs in the family. I changed so much since louis left I don't even know if he recognises me.

"Hello"someone said while waving their hand in front if my face which made me stop zoning out.

Then I whispered "no no no this can't happen not again" then I groaned and ran off but because I had malnutrition my body collapsed 30 seconds after running away and I was tiered from beating up that guy and I had wounds all over me. I felt someone pick me up but I decided to let sleep take me over.

_____________2 hours later________________

I woke up in a strange place but as soon as I sat up I felt the urge to be sick so I held it down and stumbled over to the bin and was sick in there I saw some blood in my sick again then I heard a familiar voice "OMG are you okay?" "Yea fine thanks" I replied "I will get you some water and medication" he said "thanks Louis" "oh are you a fan then?" he shouted from the kitchen "errrr...no don't you remember me Louis?" I asked him a little pissed "you sound like my sister but you don't look like her she is not that skinny and does not have faded dip dyed orange hair." I was shocked that he does not remember me. " Louis I am you sister, Abigail Tomlinson" I told him I thought have I really changed that much?. "oh my gosh Abigail is that really you last I saw you you were a little girl who was shy, calm, hated hair dye and make up, but people change" he said a little take back "yea especially when their big brothers leave them and does it call, text or anything for 4 years" I said then waited a bit he looked deep in thought so I ran away of this bus thing.

Louis P.O.V

She just told me I was her brother wow she had changed I was deep in thought when I heard the bus door slam and Niall walk in asking "who was that?" I stuttered out "m-my s-s-sis-t-ter OMG I have to get her back" and with that I shoot out the door leaving a shocked Niall. As soon as I got outside I saw Abigail being taken buy some man with a bleeding head and her screaming so I ran over there and punched the guy who soon let abigail go she fell to the floor breathing heavily while I carried on punching the man. I was cradling a crying Abigail when out we got up but then the man got up and with a piece of glass made jagged cut on Abigail's shoulder blade which she passed out from. Then man laughed evilly I then took a photo on my phone of him and called the police and ambulance. Which by then he had ran away.

The ambulance came while I held a bleeding abigail in my arms the wheeled her into the ambulance the police asked me for witness reports and I took Abigail's rucksack which she had into the ambulance with me. With all the sirens the boys had come out to see what had happened I explained then got on the ambulance with her the boys said they would visit the hospital in the morning.

Whilst on the ambulance I thought about the man, what he wanted, why Abigail and what was she doing here because dad said never to go here because of the people around here. But the police said that they will interview her once she wakes up.

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