Louis sister

Abi has been with her abusive boyfriend mark for nearly 4 years and has no friends. Also she is Louis Tomlinson's sister who he forgot about her when one direction took off. So when Abi runs away who can she go to? And who does she meet?
(Contains violence and swearing)


1. chapter 1

Abi's P.O.V

As usual Mark my abusive boyfriend has locked me in the basement so I can't run away While he goes to the pub. The only things he uses me for are a punchbag, cleaner, slave and sex toy. why did I come with him?

----------FLASH BACK---------

ABIGAIL TURN YOU MUSIC DOWN IT IS 1:00 IN THE MORNING!!! My dad shouted to me coming the stairs enraged was having a party with my fiends and I.

"Chill mr T it's only a party" my best friend stew told him while putting his hand on his shoulder.

My dad literally slapped his hand the shouted "LAST TIME YOU HAD A PARTY YOU BURNT HALF THE HOUSE DOWN."He then sat down on the sofa with his head in hands saying if only Louis was here to set you a good example.

That's when I got angry "LOUIS IS JUST A RICH F*CK HEAD AND EVERYONE THINKS HE IS PERFECT BECAUSE HE IS IN A BAND WELL NEWS FLASH HE HAS HIS FLAWS LIKE LYING, LAZINESS, RUDENESS AND HE IS A MASSIVE AIR HEAD." I shouted everyone shocked because I always keep my calm but my dad had pulled the last straw. He always compares me to louis especially after yesterday where I dip dyed my hair orange. I went upstairs packed my essentials cloths, makeup hair extensions, nail varnish, piercings, phone, iPod, ipad, music albums, my beats earphones and speakers and my 2 years wages from various jobs then left taking some food and water with me as well. My dad shouted from the doorway to me "COME BACK ABIGAIL" I just gave him the finger I walked out of my dad's life but little did I know that was the worst mistake ever.

I had been walking for nearly 3 days then Mark came up to me acting nice saying things like "a beautiful girls like you should not be around here let me take you home." I said yes but when he said home he meant his house ever since then I have been living in his basement he took all my stuff I think he destroyed all my electronics but I took my SIM card out my phone so I still have the same mobile number I just need a phone I also his my money, it is under my pillow.

----------FLASH BACK ENDS----------

The front door slamming made me jump Mark came down with the evilest smirk on his face I had ever seen that face made me really scared.

"Come on Abi I have something fun for you." Whenever he says that I know what he wants sex or more rape. He took me upstairs and out the front door with my arms behind my back so I can't escape. He usually does it in the basement something must be going on. " I owe some people money" mark whispered to me "but instead I said they can have you so behave" he shoved me to the curb and I saw 3 pairs of feet I had a gag so in could not say anything Mark then tied my hands behind my back "no she is not pretty enough" one voice said "and she smells" another voice said the third one whispered something to the others then the first one said "we will take off half the money if we can beat her up" "yea sure do what you want" Mark said then I heard the front door close nobody ever comes down our road and we have no neighbours so doing outside won't make a difference to doing it inside. They started kicking me and punching me then insulting me like "slut" "mistake" "ugly" "smelly" I had heard them all before but then one called me "weak" that got me then I screamed in rage. " aww look it is screaming" one took my gag of and pulled me up to face them and said "what did you wanna say" " I am not weak" I spat at him your tied up what can you do huh? "Well then untie me and let me prove it" I said they all agreed one untied me and then I kicked one in the face causing him to stumble back then I shoved him so he fell them kicked him in the ribs. I look at the other to who just ran. Then I was sick and there was blood in my sick I quickly ran inside the Mark house and he has passed out on the floor I kicked him just to make sure I them ran down into the basement and got my money and SIM card just as I was leaving I saw my ruck sack with all my stuff init. So I took it. The. As I ran outside the man I beat up earlier punched me just as a big bus thing went past I quickly ran after kicking the man where the sun don't shine. I ran after the bus it suddenly stopped then someone I did not want to see got off the bus thing I just stood there shocked...

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