Kidnapped by Vampires

You and your best friend Maggie are big Directioners and finally get to meet one direction but before you can leave they kidnap you. You grow close to them and then you find out their secret........


3. Truth or dare.

Jamie's P.O.V

"Truth or dare Jamie?" Niall asked me "dare" I replied " I dare you to kiss one of us boys!" Niall said boldly I could totally tell he liked me and wanted me to kiss him it was obvious. "Ok" I said as I walked up and kissed him. "Their done!" *whistle noise* you could hear every one whistling and giggling while I saw Niall blush

"Liam truth or dare?" I questioned him. "Umm....... Trut no dar" "Hurry up!" Everyone complained " ok ok dare no truth. TRUTH is my final decision." Liam said "ok what is your deepest darkest secret?" I asked him "I chicken on this one!"Liam stuttered "Nope no chickens" I said evilly "fine don't freak out but all the boys including myself are... VAMPIRES! There I said it" Liam stated "w-what" Megan and I stuttered then I fainted.

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