Kidnapped by Vampires

You and your best friend Maggie are big Directioners and finally get to meet one direction but before you can leave they kidnap you. You grow close to them and then you find out their secret........


4. the dream

"No don't hurt me I won't tell anyone!!" Megan screamed "well now that you know our secret we have to kill you to make sure no one ever knows." Zayn said "p-please we didn't do anything" I said "Jamie Jamie how about we make a compromise one of you dies the other lives and gets turned into one of us"Zayn said "Oh come you can't turn them both and both so they can live with us" niall suggested

"No they both die because I am thirsty!" Louis said

"Ahhhhhhhh" Megan and I screamed as we woke up "what happened?" niall and Harry said concerned

"I had the weirdest dream you guys were vampires and were about to kill me." I stated starting to cry "I had the exact same dream as you" Megan claimed "don't worry" Niall comforted me. "I-it just seamed so real so life like Hey what time is it?" I asked "5:00 pm" Niall said "how did Megan and I fall asleep because I can never ever nap no matter how hard I try." I asked "umm both of you all of the sudden fainted" he replied

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