Walking into Darkness

"Where are you going?" I pick up my pace and catch up to the perplexing boy. "To darkness." "What?" "To darkness. I'm walking into darkness." He stops and looks at me. "I could use a partner. Would you care to join me?"


3. Who Are You?

Chappie 2

Winnie's POV

In my sleep I dream colors. Deep reds, rich blues, great oranges, and the darkest shades of black. All the colors swirling around me until an image appears. And even though know the image cease to exist it feels so real. I see a girl in a black box in pain and trapped. That's when a man comes and beats the box until the struggling with in it stops. He laughs and walks away leaving the girl in the box to suffer. As the colors flow my heart rate slows to its regular pace. As another picture flows I see a room with white walls and I seem to be laying in a bed. As I look around I hear an unfamiliar voice.

"Pooh bear?" I look around the room and don't see anything but an empty chair besides the bed. That's when a rush is sent through me and my eyes open. That's when the memories of Harry and his story flood in. "Pooh bear!!" He engulfs me in a warm embrace and I push him away. "What's wrong love?"

"Who are you Harry?" He scrunches his eyebrows in confusion then bites his lip. "You bloody well know who I am. Winnie I'm me Harry. The same old Harry." I look in his eyes and try to find the light that always warms me. When I can't find it I speak my mind with no hesitation. "No your not you! The Harry I know does not drive fancy cars, get into trouble and isn't British! But most importantly the Harry I remember doesn't keep his secrets away from me." I sternly stare at him waiting for answers but he only stares at me as if he's trying to process everything. "Well?"

Harry looks in my eyes and opens his mouth. "I didn't tell you because I wanted to protect you Win..."

"Protect me? Protect me from what Harry? A fucking British mafia?" His eyes enlighten as he releases a chuckle then gets serious again. And just like that the light is buried in his eyes again. "Who are you...? why did you join that stupid gang Harry?" At that his emotion shows on his face. "You think I wanted to be in this Winnie?! You think I signed up for the hell of it?"

"Well-" "No Winnie cause I didn't. When my dad died-" I stopped him. "Harry..." "No." He stopped me and continued on. "When my dad died he had lots of debts he needed to pay to this "gang." and since I'm his son, the weight is on my shoulders. Over the years I've been working to pay it off but it's still so much. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I just wanted to protect you..." He stops then looks frustrated. "Why don't you listen to me Winnie!?! I told you to stay in the back seat!"

"What did you expect of me Harry?!?! To let you get beaten up? Harry... I never wanted to hear those sounds come out of your mouth again."

"Well, now they know who you are and they are going to do something about it. I can't stay here Winnie."

"What?!!" "I'm only trying to protect you Pooh bear."

"So your idea of protection is leaving me here alone?!? You can't leave Harry... Not just because of them I need you Harry." I try to suppress the tears behind my heavy eyes but it's getting harder. "I'm sorry Winnie." As he attempts to leave I grab his wrists. "Your just gonna throw our memories that we have?" I put my hands up his shirt and caress his stomach like we did as kids. He doesn't even look at me this time. I pull him closer and wrap my arms around him.

"You don't have to protect me. I could help you." He looks in my eyes. "Winnie if I leave they'll follow me and leave you alone. I have-" I grab his face between my hands and kiss him. At first he's shocked but he kisses me back slowly laying me down on the bed. As he hovers over me he deepens the kiss and bites my lip asking for entrance. I open my mouth and let him explore it. As I moan he caresses my back under my hospital dress. When we stop kissing we just hold each other.

"Please don't leave Harry." "Winnie..." He kisses my forehead and sits up as the doctor enters the room. "Hello Miss Carter hows your forehead?" He reaches and touches my forehead and that's when I realize I have stitches. "How did this happen again Mr. Styles?" The doctor looks at Harry waiting for an explanation. "We were messing around in her living room and she fell and scratched her head on the end of the table."

"Is this true Ms. Carter?" I nod my head trying to look like I was being truthful. "Ok you may go home Ms. Carter but take it easy for a couple of days. Have a good day." As he leaves Harry lifts me off the bed and gives me his sweat pants and a shirt. "Thank you Harry..." He nods and puts his hand on my face and rubs his thumb along the stitches and kisses them and let's me have some privacy.


When we get to Harry's house I notice that it's bare. "You've been planning on leaving for weeks..." He looks at me guiltily. "I was gonna tell you-" I stop him by giving him a peck on the lips. "Stop.. Your here right now. I wanna make the most of it." I wrap my arms around Harry's neck and hug him. He smiles on my neck and lifts me off the ground and brings me to his room.

"I love you Pooh bear." "I love you too Harry."


Hello!!! How am I doing?!? I promise I'll get better. I wrote a lot more than this at first but I didn't save it and my iPod said that it was 20% and everything was gone... Oh well you live and you learn...

Love you!! <3

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