Walking into Darkness

"Where are you going?" I pick up my pace and catch up to the perplexing boy. "To darkness." "What?" "To darkness. I'm walking into darkness." He stops and looks at me. "I could use a partner. Would you care to join me?"


2. My Life Is a Movie

Chappie 1

"Winnie!! Get down from there or you'll fall!!" I look down laughing at my witty mom. "Why do you care? Go smoke your weed and leave me alone." I continue my journey up the very long tree.

"What did you just say?!?!" She looks up at me like I'm prey and she's ready to pounce. I've dealt with this before so I just make up something off the top of my mind. "I said that, uh... Why do you snare?.... Go come your weave and save me... A bone?" I laugh at myself but the mom doesn't seem to see the humor so I just climb higher.

"I heard what you said you little Bitch! Now get your ass down here this instant!!!" I ignore her and continue to climb. "If you don't come down you could leave and not come back... Winnie your not even dressed appropriately!!!" That's my mom threatening one minute bitching another.

But she was right about the last part. I look down at my outfit and find my favorite superman shirt, red pants, and my big boots. Oh well, the only reason I came up here was to escape her. The devil with makeup and hair extensions down there hollering her ass off. "Winnie get down!!! NOW!!" She yells one last time and goes in the house most likely to smoke a blunt.

"Well now that I'm alone..." I take out my headphones and listen to my favorite band in the whole wide world. Haha. Oh.

I put the volume all the way up and then untangle my blue headphones. But my mistake was that I almost fell off the tree because those things were so loud on my ear. When I adjust the sound I press the play button again. Phew...

"WINNIE!!! COME INSIDE SO MOM STOPS BITCHING!!!" I hear my brother yell through the head phones. I laugh and yell back. "NEVER DANIEL!!!" He laughs at my remark even though I don't really know why. I look up at the sky delighted with what I see. The sun setting with great oranges and purples and the moon starting to rise. I put my hand up to feel the heat of the sun on my skin.

I've always been more of an outside person and if it was up to me I'd sleep up here. I hear a car pull into the driveway and realize my music stopped playing a while ago. I look at the driveway to see a familiar car. "HARRY!!!!" I laugh as I see him look around for me. "WHICH TREE ARE YOU IN NOW WINNIE THE POOH?!?!?"

"I'M IN THIS TREE!!!" "WELL THAT'S VERY CLEAR THANK YOU VERY MUCH." "YOUR WELCOME!!!" As I start to climb down I hear him laugh at me.

"Winnie!!!" " Harry!!! Again!!" He lifts me up and spins me around. "Did you miss me Winnie the real life Pooh?" I laugh at his nickname he gave me when we were kids. "Of course I did Hazza." He grabs my hand and drags me to his car. "Let's go before the wicked witch of the west wakes up." He says with humor in his voice.

Harry always comes over and takes me to his place away from here. The drive there was always silent with the grass hoppers whistling and the owls hooting. It was always something I could look forward to. The only problem was if my mom found out about Harry doing this she'd kill me. You see I'm into older guys. Harry is 21 and I'm 17, not that this is bad but my mom doesn't have the same opinion.

I met Harry in kindergarten when I was five and he was nine.

"So Pooh bear... How's life treating you?" I look at his beautiful eyes I mean his eyes. What?? "Life is definitely treating me but I wouldn't say well. How about you Mr. Styles? How's life treating you?" "Wait..." He stops the car and stays quiet... "What Harry?" "SH!" I start to hear voices coming closer. "Winnie get in the back." "What? Why?" "Winnie get in the back and hide!!" I listen to what he says and jump in the trunk of the big car. "Harry! Do you have what I asked for?"

"Sorry boss not yet but I will... I'll get it to you." Boss? What? I listen closer and here Harry talk but he isn't talking the way he normally does. He has an accent?!?! "You know I love my money Harry." "I know Sir I'll get it to you I swear." "I know Harry I know... Boys lets make sure he understands what I mean." I hear the car door open and Harry being pulled out. WHAT THE HELL? I hear a punch and a sound from Harry that I never wish to ever hear again. "Harry!!!" I jump out of the trunk and block the next punch.

"Winnie!! Your so stupid!! I tell you to do one thing- Winnie?!?!" I hear the men run and say one thing before I'm out. "If you can't afford this Harry that girl of yours would pay the price just fine!"

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