My Girl

Kallie a 18 year old girl in London has been a person of interest. When she is coming home from work late she is kidnapped. She wakes up in a mansion in Ireland and Niall Horan right next to her. She ends up staying with Niall for 4 months when a ring is brought into the picture. What will Kallie do? Choose Niall or a normal life?


3. The Date

Louis P.O.V

when we got to the restaurant I pulled niall across to the bathroom and asked him" niall who is she and where did you find her" his reply was " at a bar and she is Kallie and shes my Girlfriend"


30 min. later


Nialls P.O.V.


when we got home I told kallie I was going to bed. she got up and followed she went into the bathroom and got a shower, I knew because she was singing and the water was running. I got out my iPhone and started recording her sing, when the water got turned off I turned off my recording and went into Our room.

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