My Girl

Kallie a 18 year old girl in London has been a person of interest. When she is coming home from work late she is kidnapped. She wakes up in a mansion in Ireland and Niall Horan right next to her. She ends up staying with Niall for 4 months when a ring is brought into the picture. What will Kallie do? Choose Niall or a normal life?


4. niall and kallie a thing??????

Kallies P.O.V


After my shower I got a towel and dried my body and my long hair and put it up in a braid into a ballerina bun. When I got into my and nialls room niall was laying there shirtless with a rose between his teeth. "Hey babe I got a surprise for you" is all he said before he started playing something. I listened closely and it was ME. NIALL RECORDED ME SINGING THE SONG WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nialls P.O.V


When I started playing the recording of kallie singing she went into shock. I then saw the hint of anger in her eyes while she can charging at me and I quickly ran out of my flat and ran around the block with her shouting "horan get your ass back here u recorded me while I was in the shower " god damn she was hot when she was mad!!!!!!


hey guys writers block comment any ideas------ Karlie <3

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