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40. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I am herby starting a philosophical debate about which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Write your opinion below, please add a reason, and feel free get, ah, creative with your reasoning, and add your given name (if you don't feel like giving your username or name, we could get all spy-like and make aliases) and one of us almighty co-authors will add your opinion(s) and reason(s) to the page. If we get enough responses, we could officially decree which came first.

(Humour us as we pretend to know what we are talking about.)



It is my formal and heartfelt belief that the egg came before the chicken. As the chicken would have evolved from the first bird, the Archaeopteryx , a non-chicken bird wouldn't have laid an egg that BOOM is a chicken, no, it would have laid an egg more chicken like than itself, and when the egg grows up (into a more chicken-like, non-chicken bird), it would lay an egg more chicken like then it self, and this would continue through many generations until one day BOOM, we have the chicken-egg.



The chicken came first. Here is my reasoning. To have had the egg come first, some sort of organic life form would have had to have made an egg, which is, by common knowledge, adding an unnecessary stage to the process of life. As chickens are birds and not reptiles, therefore having stronger links to mammals, it can be concluded that eggs were an unnecessary stage in the process of chicken birth. If there is no chicken to form the egg, no egg can be made. However, a chicken can evolve without being 'born', per se. 

So it is my firm and justified belief that the chicken came before the egg.



Raiarna m. the potterhead:

Ever heard to dinosaurs and jellyfish and all those animals that laid eggs and came before the chicken, I believe that the egg came before the chicken because of those animals.



The egg came first because before chickens came along, there were animals that laid eggs.


Annabeth Shadownight☕️:

I think the circle has no beginning so neither the chicken or the egg came first. They just evolved.


T.W Shadownight:

I think that jellyfish roamed the world and suddenly got lonely therefore having one of their jellyfish magicians magic up a chicken then an egg, so the chicken wouldn't get lonely. So the chicken and the egg came about the same time from a jellyfish magician that thought when the chicken made it to the world it would need a friend.

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