HELLO EVERYBODY! WAIT A SECOND WOULD YOU *Turns capitals off* I'm the E side of the Lolly Sisters and I wanted to make a movella with EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN IT! So put in some suggestions for….. rants, reviews, questions and everything and anything in-between!

(P.S I'm the new co-author... RIVER SUMMERS!!!!! We'll sign our names at the bottom of anything we write, so YOU'LL KNOW WHO'S CRAZY BRAIN IT CAME FROM.) (P.P.S BA BAM. A mystery appearance by Spongebob NINJA!!!!! The other new co author.... BANANAS IN PYJAMAS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. :D ) (Pssst! Not many people know this, but SomeRandom - the newest co-author - will ALWAYS be the best!!!) Omg guys STOP ARGUING IN THE BLURB


38. More Tomatoes.

Did you know that tomatoes are fruit? Speaking of fruit, cucumbers are fruit, pumpkins are fruit too.

If there was no fruit and vegetables in the world, would people still get scurvy? Or would the world be scurvy free? I like the sound of that, a fruit and vegetable free, scurvy free world. Not that I have anything against fruit, I LOVE fruit, it just I don't like vegetables, and I would willingly give up fruit is that meant that horrid things like asparagus and brussels sprout would cease to exist.


I must stop speaking of such atrocities before I get nightmares, *shivers*, brussels sprouts are scary things.


Auf wiedersehen, SomeRandom.

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