HELLO EVERYBODY! WAIT A SECOND WOULD YOU *Turns capitals off* I'm the E side of the Lolly Sisters and I wanted to make a movella with EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN IT! So put in some suggestions for….. rants, reviews, questions and everything and anything in-between!

(P.S I'm the new co-author... RIVER SUMMERS!!!!! We'll sign our names at the bottom of anything we write, so YOU'LL KNOW WHO'S CRAZY BRAIN IT CAME FROM.) (P.P.S BA BAM. A mystery appearance by Spongebob NINJA!!!!! The other new co author.... BANANAS IN PYJAMAS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. :D ) (Pssst! Not many people know this, but SomeRandom - the newest co-author - will ALWAYS be the best!!!) Omg guys STOP ARGUING IN THE BLURB


22. Llamas and Alpacas PART 2!!!!!!

Once a long time ago, Alpacas lived on rainbows.


The Llamas were jealous so they rampaged through the rainbows and took them for themselves.


But what they didn't know was that alpacas are descendants of unicorns, so the alpacas called upon the unicorns who came down to earth to help them.


Then the alpaca/unicorn army pushed all the llamas of the cliff.


Then the horses came and made them sign a peace treaty so that's why Alpacas and Llamas aren't killing us today.


-Lolly Sisters

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