HELLO EVERYBODY! WAIT A SECOND WOULD YOU *Turns capitals off* I'm the E side of the Lolly Sisters and I wanted to make a movella with EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN IT! So put in some suggestions for….. rants, reviews, questions and everything and anything in-between!

(P.S I'm the new co-author... RIVER SUMMERS!!!!! We'll sign our names at the bottom of anything we write, so YOU'LL KNOW WHO'S CRAZY BRAIN IT CAME FROM.) (P.P.S BA BAM. A mystery appearance by Spongebob NINJA!!!!! The other new co author.... BANANAS IN PYJAMAS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. :D ) (Pssst! Not many people know this, but SomeRandom - the newest co-author - will ALWAYS be the best!!!) Omg guys STOP ARGUING IN THE BLURB


101. I, River_Summers


Penname: River_Summers

Real Name: 007


*turns to look at you like one of those cheesy chat show hosts* Well hey there. *wink* I'd say you're looking mighty fine today. *wink* Care to come join me? *wink wink*

No, but seriously. I'm River, and I'm one of the coauthors- omg scrap that. When was this book ever serious?


Some personal opinions that you may or may not care about and aren't all that interesting or relevant:



Film: Dead Poets Society

Book: *cries* I cannot answer this question.

TV Series: Sherlock

Ship: Omg I literally cannot answer that it's too hard


Some stuff I ship because hey this is a good place to keep a track of it all even though I know I'm gonna miss stuff:








-Omg I ship literally everything there is no point to this


Some books I recommend:

-The Picture of Dorian Gray ~ Oscar Wilde

-Pride and Prejudice ~ Jane Austen

-The Vampire Chronicles ~ Anne Rice

-The House of the Scorpion ~ Nancy Farmer

-A Density of Souls ~ Christopher Rice

-Northanger Abbey ~ Jane Austen

-Will Grayson Will Grayson ~ John Green & David Levithan

-The God Box ~ Alex Sánchez

-The Book Thief ~ Markus Zusak

-Between Shades of Gray ~ Ruta Sepetys

-The Grimm Legacy ~ Polly Shulman

-Fangirl ~ Rainbow Rowell

-Call of the Wild ~ Jack London

-White Fang ~ Jack London

-Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley 

-The Day of the Triffids ~ John Wyndham

-The Chrysalids ~ John Wyndham

-The Girl Who Could Fly ~ Victoria Forester

-A Song of Ice and Fire Series ~ George R. R. Martin

-The Wee Free Men series ~ Terry Pratchett 

-The Mortal Instruments series ~ Cassandra Clare

-Heidi ~ Johanna Spyri

-The Mysterious Benedict Society ~ Trenton Lee Stewart

-The Book of Lost Things ~ John Connolly

-The Samuel Johnson series ~ John Connolly

-Ender's Game ~ Orson Scott Card

-Hero ~ Perry Moore

-iBoy ~ Kevin Brooks

-The Ranger's Apprentice series ~ John Flanagan

-The Perks of Being a Wallflower ~ Stephen Chobosky

-I am Legend ~ Richard Matheson

-Boy Meets Boy ~ David Levithan

-Okay let's just face it- I love all books. 


So yep! That's my chapter done- may I just make a note that I leave all the true randomness to my coauthors. XD



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