HELLO EVERYBODY! WAIT A SECOND WOULD YOU *Turns capitals off* I'm the E side of the Lolly Sisters and I wanted to make a movella with EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN IT! So put in some suggestions for….. rants, reviews, questions and everything and anything in-between!

(P.S I'm the new co-author... RIVER SUMMERS!!!!! We'll sign our names at the bottom of anything we write, so YOU'LL KNOW WHO'S CRAZY BRAIN IT CAME FROM.) (P.P.S BA BAM. A mystery appearance by Spongebob NINJA!!!!! The other new co author.... BANANAS IN PYJAMAS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST. :D ) (Pssst! Not many people know this, but SomeRandom - the newest co-author - will ALWAYS be the best!!!) Omg guys STOP ARGUING IN THE BLURB



You feel guilty? 

Did you say no to a date?

Did you tell a little white lie in order to not go to a party?

It feels bad, right?



But there is a solution.


Just follow these simple steps, and your guilt will go like... like a go-ey thing!



-Pine Cones

-One Direction's livers

-Livers in general

-More livers

-You can never have enough liver

-Now some gin

-Now some gin to actually add to the potion


-More soap

-A book

-A pen

-A shaving off the Eiffel Tower

-A shaving off the inside of a balloon

-A balloon

1.) Wait until a full moon

2.) Gather your ingredients

3.) Set out a large, iron pot. The more nefarious looking, the better.

4.) Mush all your ingredients together.

5.) Put the mush into an icing bag made from silver

6.) Get your closest male relative to strip naked and squeeze the mush into the pot

7.) Add the rest of the gin

8.) Stir it

9.) Gather some of it in a pot

10.) Leave it to ferment for 10 days

11.) Enjoy!


I am positive that if you follow these steps, you need never feel guilty again. In fact, you will never feel anything again. Because you will be dead.

So really, this can cure anything!

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